Kalux didn't always know where maggots came from, but she did part thorough research and is below to share her newfound knowledge.

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Learn all about maggots, consisting of what castle are, whereby they come from, and how to eliminate them.

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What Is a Maggot?

A maggot is the larvae that a fly.

In other words, a paris lays eggs, i beg your pardon turn right into larvae (maggots), which come to be flies, which lay an ext eggs, and also so on . . .

(Full disclosure: i did not constantly know this. In ~ the risk of sounding like a moron, I’ll admit that I thought they just sort of appeared. Not certain where that logic came from.) after doing part thorough research, I believed I’d translate in the basics and share.

Where execute Maggots Come From?

The fly lays eggs, i beg your pardon turn right into maggots. "Maggot" is another word for larva. ~ a pupal stage, maggots turn right into flies. Sometimes, it may seem favor the maggots show up from nowhere, yet it's simply that you didn't notice the fly or that is eggs. The paris lays hundreds of eggs in ~ a time! lock will begin to flower within a day.


A Fly's Life Cycle

A mrs lives around a month, throughout which time she lays from 500 come 2,000 eggs in batches of about 75 to 150 at a time.A work after the eggs are laid, the maggots will appear.We typically see castle in this an initial stage if they space still 3–9 mm long and whitish in shade (however, they can prosper to be 20 mm. Ew!).Maggots feed for 3 come 5 days. There are larval and pupal stages, and also it takes around 14 come 36 days because that the eggs to morph right into flies.

The fly will lay that eggs almost everywhere it feels like the maggots will certainly be safe and well-fed. This is why it’s so usual to watch them in old or rotting food. The maggots should eat non-stop, so the fly will always lay the eggs wherein there is food.

What do Maggots favor to Eat?

Maggots favor meat—leftovers, discards, pet food, dead animals—any old meat will certainly do. Lock eat to fuel their growth until castle pupate.


How to avoid Flies (and Maggots)

Always clean up any food and don't leave any kind of sitting out. Save food in sealed containers. Tie her garbage bags tightly and remove garbage from your home frequently.Flies will certainly lay your eggs in her pet’s food as well, therefore make certain you readjust their food totally and don’t just top the up. Keep the dish covered once not in use.Clean the end garbage cans thoroughly. Utilizing bleach is most likely your ideal bet. Make sure their lids are always sealed tight.If girlfriend compost, be certain to store it totally sealed.If you have a dog, be sure to save your yard complimentary of dog poop.Seal any holes in your displays to assist keep them out. They constantly find a means to sneak in, though, don’t they?

How to get rid of Maggots (and Flies)

This deserve to depend on your personal preference, as you can use chemical assets or execute it naturally.

Remove every food sources, and the flies will lay their eggs elsewhere.Pour boiling water end maggots to kill them instantly. If friend want, girlfriend can include a cup the bleach and also 1 1/2 cups of hydrogen peroxide come a gallon of boil water.Dish soap works good as bug repellant and/or insecticide. Most dish soaps contain a little borax, i beg your pardon is the active ingredient.Natural fly repellants encompass vodka, aromatic herbs prefer lavender, basil, and also bay leaf, lemongrass oil, cloves, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, and also camphor or citronella smoke.There are specific plants you deserve to plant approximately your home, prefer marigold, chrysanthemum, lavender, and tansy, i beg your pardon will aid keep flies away. (Don't forget the venus flytrap, a carnivorous plant that loves to eat flies, i beg your pardon is a spectacular—if not specifically effective—way to execute it!)Use digital fly traps the plug into your outlets or a fly zapper. These emit a white UV light that attracts paris insects, climate zaps them v electricity. Be cautious to usage these indoors, and also only when needed, because they kill all kinds of paris insects, even ones that we really need.If you pick to get rid of them chemically, usage a product that consists of permethrin, a chemical the is used as an insecticide. Because that example, Raid, i beg your pardon we’re every probably familiar with, is a well-known insecticide the is supplied in households.Use a fly gun or a good ol’ fly swatter.Get some fly paper, or make her own. (See video below.)

Interesting Maggot Facts

Maggots deserve to be offered for many things. Even though you can think they're gross, over there are plenty of ways we benefit from your existence.

They make great bait for fishing.Live ones can be provided for clinical purposes choose cleaning wounds that dead tissue, specifically for wounds that are having actually trouble healing.They are an extremely helpful to forensic scientists who usage them to calculate an approximate time of death.

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Stay Maggot-Free

To sum it up: If friend can manage to not leave any type of food out, consisting of your garbage, compost, and your pet's food and also waste, you’ll most likely remain maggot-free.

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