Opening Snapchat and also finding the you should sign in again can quickly come to be frustrating, however it can likewise indicate serious worries with the app.

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By default, when you sign in to your Snapchat app, it need to keep girlfriend signed in till you manually sign out. If Snapchat keeps logging you out automatically, that’s a authorize that something is no right.

Fortunately, friend don’t have actually to worry right away, as most of this glitches get fixed as soon as you uncover the cause. This write-up explains the most frequent causes and also solutions of repetitive Snapchat logouts.

Reason #1: Updates and Background Refresh

Snapchat will periodically log girlfriend out because of its ‘Background application Refresh’ function. This script occurs once the application receives crucial update. The app asks girlfriend to log in in again, then you are an excellent to go.

Regardless, occasionally a glitch can occur when there is a lift refresh procedure that keeps repeating. Every time girlfriend close the app, the system forces the elevator refresh come occur, logging you out every time.

To view if the Snapchat Background application Refresh is what’s leading to your repeated logout issue, shot turning the setting off. Here’s how.

How to turn off Snapchat elevator Refresh top top iPhone

Open iOS “Settings” (gear icon) in the app menu on your iPhone.Select “General” in the “Settings” menu.Tap top top “Background application Refresh.”Scroll down and also find Snapchat in the list. Madness the “toggle” bar to revolve the Background application Refresh feature off for the app. You can likewise turn turn off the function for all provided apps by tapping the topmost slider.

How to revolve Off Background app Refresh top top Android

For older Android devices:

Open “Settings” native the Android application menu.Choose “Network and Connectivity.”Tap top top “Data usage.”In the “Data usage” menu, tap on “Mobile data usage” in ~ the bottom.Scroll down and tap ~ above “Snapchat” indigenous the perform of apps.Tap “Allow lift data usage” come disable it.

For more recent Android devices:

Open “Settings” from the Android application menu.Choose “Network & Internet.”Tap ~ above “Mobile Network.”Tap on “App data usage.”Find and also select “Snapchat.”Tap on “Background data” to rotate the alternative off.

Reason #2: Third-Party app Issues

If you usage third-party apps together with your Snapchat, they could be the reason for Snapchat logging you the end repeatedly. As soon as you download an app for Snapchat, your machine asks girlfriend to approve it accessibility to certain Snapchat features.

Some of these third-party apps have the right to threaten your privacy. If Snapchat recognizes the apps as harmful, that logs you out to store you safe. This is a common occurrence, especially if you have an iOS device.

To fix this repetitive logout issue, remove any type of installed apps that required accessibility to your Snapchat features.

How to remove Third-Party Snapchat Apps

Launch “Snapchat.”Tap on your “profile” symbol to open “Settings.”Select “Connected Apps.”Tap ~ above the application you want to remove.Choose “Remove.”

Reason #3: Multi-Device Issues

Sometimes, being logged into Snapchat on number of devices reasons a logout loop, particularly if one device has a cache concern or freezes the application while communicating with Snapchat servers. This script may additionally occur if there’s a unique difficulty with among the devices, such together an update failure, network issues, corrupted internal/external storage, etc. To potentially solve the repetitive logout issue, just log the end of all devices and “forget” them as well.

How come Logout of All maker on Snapchat

Note: over there is no “log the end of all devices” option because once girlfriend log out of one device, the application logs you out of every one of them. Therefore, girlfriend only must log the end once, which allows Snapchat to refresh all devices at the same time.

First, shot logging out for a while and also see if the worry persists.

From there, include each device, one through one until you find the culprit or solve the issue.

How come Forget devices on Snapchat

If the repeat logout problem still exists, forget all devices on Snapchat, then begin over on each one. Here’s what come do.

Launch “Snapchat” on among your devices.Tap her “profile icon” at the height to open the “Settings” menu.Select “Two-Factor Authentication.”Choose “Forget Devices.”Tap top top the “X” beside each listed device you want to unlink from Snapchat.Select “Yes” when prompted to check the action.

Reason #4: your Snapchat Account might Be Hacked

This worry is not as common, yet it is the most severe one.

You may notification strange tasks on your profile. For example, you can see message you don’t remember sending, contacts you don’t remember adding. In addition, other world may point out that you’re posting miscellaneous weird. These instances usually median that somebody hacked right into your account.

How to protect against Snapchat Hacking

Launch “Snapchat,” climate tap on her “profile icon” to accessibility the “Settings” menu.Tap ~ above “Two-Factor Authentication.”Select “Forget Devices.”Tap the “X” icon next to each maker to “Forget” them.Tap ~ above “Yes” to confirm your actions because that each one.Verify her “phone number” and “e-mail address.”Log in to her account again, preferably on your major device.

The above process is usually sufficient to make the intruder go away. However, you need to also try to remove any kind of unknown accounts and check every the messages, removing all traces the the hacker’s activity.

What If naught Works?

Changing your passwords and logging out of all gadgets usually go the trick. In an extremely rare cases, the problem persists.

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If you space still having actually trouble continuing to be logged in to Snapchat, the finest step is come visit the Snapchat support page and ask because that assistance.