There are many ways to say I love girlfriend in Italian due to the fact that it’s a very romantic language.

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You can express her affection towards your significant other or household with these expressions.


How come say ns love friend in Italian?

Degrees the affection is important in the Italian language.

Despite the fact that Italians have actually a reputation for being passionate people, the language makes fundamental distinctions between romantic and family love.

If you to trust Google analyze to give you a literal translation of just how to say “I love you” in Italian come English, you’ll miss out on all the delightful, intriguing nuance.

And buy yourself a small embarrassment into the bargain.

As a romantic language, Italian has a variety of common phrases that range from cheesy come adorable.

Let’s go and take a look at the many Italian phrases you deserve to use to say ns love you and also of course, as soon as to use them.

I love you in Italian to your boyfriend or girlfriend

Ti amo – i love you

By speak ‘ti amo’ friend can conveniently express her love in the Italian language.

It’s one the most usual Italian love phrases however it’s only offered for romantic relationships, definition you might not desire to usage it with your friends and also family.

Sono innamorato (innamorata) di te

I’m in love with you

When you want to tell your heart mate that you’re in love v her (or him), merely use this sentence.

Indeed, ns love girlfriend is no the exact same as i’m in love v you in Italian, since these two points are essentially different.

Mi piaci molto

I really favor you

This one is for when everything starts. You may want to tell someone exactly how much you choose them before feelings begin settling in.

Significhi tutto every me

You mean whatever to me

This is something an extremely nice to tell someone very important in your life.

Sei l’amore della mia vita

You’re the love of my life

Use this sentence come express really deep feelings towards your romantic partner.


Sei il mio angelo

You’re my angel

Without a doubt, some civilization come right into our lives as blessings and this is the best way to refer it.

Sei importante every me

You are important to me

Very straightforward, speak this come someone who is really important because that you. And mean it!

Ho bisogno di car

I require you

Even despite it sounds dramatic, this is sometimes the case.

Sono tutto tuo / tua

I’m all yours

You can definitely tell this come your far-ranging other. Of course, it entails a specific level that commitment, yet it’s beautiful in Italian!

Ti ho chiuso nel mio cuore

I’ve closed friend in my heart

Even though it may sound weird in English, this is the Italian method to say the ‘you’re always in mine heart.’


Sei il mio pensiero preferito

You’re my favourite thought

And what better way to tell someone the they’re every you’re thinking around than ‘sei il mio pensiero preferito’?

Voglio invecchiare con te

I desire to thrive old with you

What’s a far better way of saying i love friend in Italian than committing her life come one person?

Potrei fissare ns tuoi bellissimi occhi in eterno

I have the right to gaze right into your beautiful eye forever

This deserve to be supplied to express the you literally desire to spend the rest of your life v someone.

Ho preso una sbandata every te

I have actually a crush on you

Even though most times it’s no something you might want to say, it’s great to understand in case the moment comes.

Per favore, ricordati di me

Please remember/think that me

It doesn’t have to be a goodbye, however this have the right to be offered whenever you and your love one space going into various ways, maybe in the case of a long-distance relationship.


I love friend in Italian to your family

Unlike English, ns love you in Italian is not the exact same for lovers and family members.

Ti voglio bene

I desire you well

If you’re in search of ways to express your love in the direction of your friends and also family, ‘ti voglio bene’ is absolutely the means to go.

Literally, the simply way ‘I desire you well.’

Although in English it might not do a lot of sense, that a an extremely popular an option for expressing platonic love in Italian.

You can use it through virtually anyone: lovers, friends, family, and pets.

Ti voglio un mondo di bene

I want a people of good for you

This is an growth of the ahead one.

It deserve to be offered whenever you desire to express how necessary someone is to you and also that girlfriend really desire the best for them.


Sei il mio tesoro

You’re mine treasure

Even despite this may seem a tiny odd in English, the something real in Italian. The a an excellent way to present your love towards your partner.

Sei un gioiello

You’re a jewel

Same similar to ‘sei il mio tesoro,’ you have the right to use this to express just how much you evaluate someone gift in your life.

Again, may sound odd in English, yet it’s a an excellent phrase to usage in Italian.

Ti ammiro

I excellent you

Admiring someone can certainly be a form the appreciation and also it’s good to let human being know how vital they are.

Nessuno / nessuna è come te

No one is favor you

In the Italian language you can use ‘nessuno/nessuna e come te’ as soon as you desire to express just how unique and important someone is to you.


How execute you to express love in Italian?

There are an ext than a couple of Italian unit volume that deserve to be used to express love.

Italians are family-focused prone to communicate in cheek kissing and take on public screens of affection.

While you might not want to instantly engage in grandiose public screens of affection through your romantic partner, learning exactly how to partake in the Italian ritual of cheek kissing, or il bacetto, is a nice ar to start.

Italian expressions that you will love

Saying i love you in Italian can it is in a an overwhelming job and you need to understand what’s the right expression to usage in a particular moment and don’t threat a few moments that embarrassment.

When her love comes to an end, the time come say good-bye in Italian.

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Common Italian sentences include how come say sorry in Italian, give thanks to you in Italian, happy date of birth in Italian, and hello in Italian.

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