If you"re one avid music fan, it"s frustrating to go the end for a go or a jog and also realize too late that your iPod"s battery is low and it will certainly not endure your excursion. If you carry out not examine your iPod"s battery level prior to leaving the house, you could not realize gradually that you did no plug in the iPod correctly and also it didn"t charge. As soon as you know the iPod"s icons for battery life, you can make an ext informed decisions around when come plug the in.

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Turn on her iPod and look in ~ its screen. On many iPod models, you will see a little image that a battery in the upper right edge of the screen.

Observe the color of the battery icon and also note how complete the battery image looks. Likewise pay fist to any symbols roughly the battery. A completely charged battery will display a environment-friendly or grey battery symbol which will certainly look totally full. A fully charged iPod might also say "Charged." If the battery icon is yellow and also looks only partially full, the battery is middle charged, however not yet desperately in require of charging. If the battery icon is red and looks nearly empty, her iPod"s battery is almost fully drained and also you should plug in her iPod immediately.

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Plug the iPod into a power resource if you should charge it. Alternatives include her computer, an iPod dock station, a usual power outlet (with the essential adapter) or even with a vehicle charger if you"re on the go. Throughout the charging process, the battery icon on some models will screen a lightning bolt throughout its center or end. On other models, the battery will show up partially full yet green, or the iPod will display the word "Charging." when your iPod is fully charged, it will certainly appear fully green (or totally full of black if the battery symbol is grey) and/or say "Charged."

one iPod shuffle has various battery fee alerts. As soon as you room using her iPod shuffle, it will display a eco-friendly dot if the battery is at least 26 percent charged, one orange dot if the battery is 11 to 25 percent charged, a heavy red period if the battery is 1 come 10 percent charged and also a blinking red dot if the battery is less than 1 percent charged. As soon as you space charging the iPod shuffle, it will display an orange light until it is totally charged, in ~ which allude the light will turn green. When you rotate your iPod shuffle turn off and ago on, that will display its existing power level.

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