How do world in a tropical nation celebrate Christmas? There’s no snow, no cold – just swaying palms and also sunshine!

Christmas is a constant celebration the life and also family. Family members members life abroad undertaking home to the DR loaded through gifts. Celebrating begins in October and one party follows another. Read to find what renders a classic Dominican Christmas.

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Dominicans Love Christmas!


 La Noche Buena (Christmas Eve)

The good Night” is the biggest family event of the season through a feast of food and also extensive family members gatherings. A very Catholic country, many Dominicans attend Christmas eve Mass at midnight referred to as La Misa del Gallo or “Roosters Mass”. This is component of the id that a rooster crowed at midnight once Jesus was born.

Christmas night dinner is referred to as “La Cena del 24” or “La Cena Navideña”. It consists of a timeless meal of roast pork “puerco asado”, rice through pigeon peas, pasteles en hojas (wrap that banana leaves filled through pork and “Russian” potato salad made through beetroot. Telera is the name for a baguette-shaped soft bread that is only eaten at Christmas time.


Check out the cooking recipes forMoro de Guandules con cacao (Rice, Pigeon Peas and Coconut)






Christmas wouldn’t it is in the very same without these hand-craften wooden stars, trees, balls and animals. Girlfriend can discover these beautiful developments for revenue on practically every street corner. Typically a collection of white lights are strung v to provide night time sparkle. As you travel v the country you’ll watch them on front porches, city streets and also town squares.

El Angelito (“The small Angel”)

The Christmas gift exchange is dubbed Un Angelito and is a small like a an enig Santa exchange. Everyone writes their surname on a little piece of record and climate names are attracted . Whomever you pick is her Angelito and you offer them a tiny gift. You are their an individual angel.



Music is always a backdrop to Dominican life, but at Christmas Dominicans take it it come an extra fun level. One “Aguinaldo” is a group of household or friends who go from residence to residence singing v infectious, joyful happiness. More and more people join in – producing a street festival with dancing and also hot drinks. Informal, community parties room a clip of island life. Dominicans are really warm, social and inviting.


Flores de Pascua (Christmas Flowers)


You may recognize this red flowers together poinsettias. They are grown in your ar here and become big trees! marketed in pots follow me the political parties of the road, these classic Christmas tree are provided to friends and family as a lengthy tradition.

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Fuegos Artificiales (Fireworks)


Christmas is celebrated with a bang and also atmospheric displays of color. Fireworks space a large part the Christmas and new Year’s. Bigger cities will do skilled shows, yet it’s typical for individual families or groups to produce their own beautiful lightshow.