Crabs room crustaceans the belong come the stimulate of the decapods, which way they have 5 pairs of legs, through one pair converted right into tongs or claws. They deserve to wander come the bottom of the sea, swim or live in an extremely humid atmospheres that permit them come breathe.

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They have actually gills and external gill lung that bring out the gas exchange. Your bodies are covered by a an extremely resistant exoskeleton.

Upper gill walls.Through the wall surfaces of his body.Gills.

Crabs that live under the sea usage their gills to take oxygen directly from the water around them. This gills are vascularized frameworks where oxygen is took in through a process known as diffusion and also passes into the blood and also carbon dioxide is sent out to the water.

The gills the these pets are uncovered inside the thorax and also extend to the start of the hind legs. The gills room attached come the legs at the bottom making castle look prefer feathered appendages due to the fact that they should cover a wide surface to absorb as lot oxygen as possible from the water flowing over them. In ~ the optimal they are protected by the shell.

Breathing of soil crabs

In the situation of soil crabs we discover two solution for breathing. One is the absorb of oxygen with the skin, due to the fact that it is retained moist through a liquid the absorbs oxygen and also facilitates its absorb by the gills. The other technique is the mixture that a lung and a gill.

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Land crabs store their foot clean and also moist for breathing. In some cases they take it the sea water and moisten their gills to breathe, therefore they deserve to drink sea water and not fresh water.

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