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What go The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, the White House, The Jefferson Memorial, and The Robert Street bridge all have in common? top top initial glance, none of them look prefer the other. Once inspecting their structures, however, we have the right to see exactly how each of them was influenced by roman inn architectural elements.

Roman architecture is ideal known because that mastering the architectural approaches of the dome, the vault and also the arch. That was affected by Etruscan art and design, and also Greek architecture and also sculpture. It

Roman architects predominately supplied concrete and also built temples, amphitheatres, monuments, bridges, drainage systems, and extr infrastructure which assisted in the production of brand-new towns. Listed below we room taking a look in ~ the affect of Roman design on some of the most renowned tourist destinations of today.


A triumphal arch such together The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel,is believed to be one of the most distinctive varieties of style associated with ancient Rome. While the arch was built to commemmorate Napoleaon"s army victories, that is a near imitation the the Arch of Septimius Severus in Rome.


Architect Daniel Burnham design Union terminal using facets from Greek and Roman architecture.The Station"s edifice which attributes columns, statues, and a triumphal structure,was shown to be modelled after ~ the Arch of Constantine in Rome.


Place Vendôme functions a monumental free-standing obelisk in the middle of the structure which was influenced by the obelisk of Trajan. The statue of Napoeleon the rests at the top was also dressed in the layout of a roman inn emperor.


The Robert Street Bridge attributes eight reinfoced-concrete arch main spans and nine prestressed-concrete-beam strategy spans. If the urban ar of the bridge called for a an ext Moderne format architectural detailing, the usage of the arcs to support the framework is reminiscent of roman inn architecture.

The Roman shaft design and arches top top the exterior of the structure strongly display screen the Roman influences on the White House.

With the dome design and columns, The Jefferson Memorial has a striking same to the Pantheon and can it is in accredited for being heavily influenced by roman inn architecture.

The commonwealth Hall situated in new York City attributes Doric columns in ~ the enntrance gate of the building. These columns are fluted without any type of decoration top top the top and are flush with the floor.

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The Courthouse in Delaware County features Ionic columns i beg your pardon are constructed with a rock that is curled at the optimal to resemble a scroll and a tiny square basic at the bottom. If the Ionic column is a unique order in old Greek architecture, the Romans adopted the columns and these adaptations space what we frequently see today.

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