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Parking Tips

ParkHouston to trust parking must be easy and convenient. By following these tips, you deserve to park and also avoid parking citations.

usage ParkHouston’s convenient payment options to receive an alert before your parking conference expires. You can add much more time from your phone and no have to run earlier to your car. ParkHouston app or ParkMobile text “Park” to 77223 Google Pay credit Card Cash is accepted however there room no alerts v this payment an approach as soon as you get in your patent plate number in the application or in ~ the meter: carry out not usage the letter O use the number 0 perform not enter any kind of special characters or spaces select the correct auto in the app carry out not salary an “attendant” once parking at the curb or in a City parking lot, only pay at the meter or through app. understand the time limit. Examine the signs, her receipt or the pay station for the moment limit for the block. After the moment limit expires, you must move your vehicle to one more block. Read signs carefully. Examine the indicators on the block to end up being familiar with the parking regulations. Throughout special events examine for Emergency No Parking Zones and red-bagged meters. recognize the mobility lane hours (7am-9am, 4pm-6pm). To assist get commuters in and also out that downtown, number of blocks come to be tow-away zones during commute hours. Check the signs very closely for this restrictions. Only commercial vehicles with company logos presented can park in significant commercial automobile loading zones. Inspect carefully for the indications and/or red meters. As soon as parking in a exclusive parking lot, the attendant should have actually a logo on your shirt corresponding the parking many sign. us recommend parking in too many that provide a pay terminal that to produce a published receipt for proof that payment.

Change No Parking to understand Parking

inspect your parking knowledge and also see if girlfriend really understand Parking.

1. If a automobile is parked in her driveway, it’s legal come block the sidewalk. A. Yes, due to the fact that my garage is complete B. Yes, we have more than 2 cars C. No, this is a safety hazard

2. How far are you forced to park native a fire hydrant? A. 5 feet B. 10 feet C. 15 feet

3. There is one intersection ahead; how far from it need to you park? A. 10 feet B. 20 feet C. A vehicle length

4. A automobile is parked 10 feet from a stop sign. Is it legally parked? A. Yes B. No

5. If a car is parked less than 18” from the curb, that does not matter which direction the is facing. A. True B. False

6. If the car can still gain out, you have the right to park at the curve or apron part of a driveway. A. True B. False

Let us aid parking make feeling for your neighborhood.

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The ParkHouston Parking tips presentation below provides summary of parking security for neighborhoods. Schedule her presentation today!