Some estimates report the world’s oceans are residence to 20,000 varieties of fish. Ocean fishes come in every shapes, sizes, colors and live in drastically various depths and also temperatures. In spite of this diversity, the United countries Food and farming Organization report in 2016 the 89.5% the fish share are completely fished or overfished.

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Learn funny facts and how friend can help you favorite s fishes – indigenous Atlantic bluefin tuna to blue flavor – by click a types below.






Acorn Barnacle Adelie Penguin American Horseshoe Crab American Lobster American Oyster Antarctic Krill Arctic Tern Argentine Shortfin octopus Atlantic Blue Crab Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Atlantic ko Atlantic Goliath Grouper Atlantic Puffin Atlantic Salmon Atlantic Trumpetfish Atlantic Wolffish bald Eagle Banded Butterflyfish Banded Sea Krait Barndoor ice skating Basking Shark coast Bearded Seal Beluga Sturgeon Beluga Whale Blacktip Shark Blue Glaucus Blue King Crab Blue Marlin Blue Shark Blue Spotted Ribbontail ray Blue flavor Blue Whale Blue-footed Booby Bluebanded Goby Bluebottle Bluehead Wrasse Bowhead Whale Broadclub Cuttlefish Brown Pelican Bull Shark California Grunion California Sea Lion Caribbean Reef Octopus Caribbean Spiny Lobster Chambered Nautilus Chilean Basket Star Chilean typical Hake Chilean Jack Mackerel Chinook Salmon Christmas Tree Worm Clown Triggerfish Cockscomb Cup Coral Coconut Octopus Coelacanth colorful Hermit Crab Colossal Squid usual Bottlenose Dolphin typical Clownfish usual Dolphinfish typical Fangtooth common Limpet typical Murre Cookiecutter Shark Coral Reef Cownose beam Crown-of-thorns Starfish Cushion Star Decorator Crab Deep Hydrothermal Vent Deep Sea Anglerfish Dugong Dumbo Octopus Eccentric Sand dissension Edible Sea Cucumber Elkhorn Coral Emperor Penguin european Herring Gull False Killer Whale Felimare Cantabrica Fin Whale Fjord Flamboyant Cuttlefish Flameback Flamingo Tongue Flashlight Fish Flatback tortoise French Angelfish Fried Egg Jellyfish Frilled Shark Galapagos Penguin Gentoo Penguin Geoduck giant Barrel Sponge gigantic Caribbean Sea Anemone huge Carpet Anemone giant Clam giant Devilray large Kelp gigantic Manta beam

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