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Sorry come ask a stupid question, yet here goes, what is the cylinder numbering device on a V8 and what is the firing bespeak ?Thanks in advance,Clive W :welcome:
dude, you have to tell united state what engine!!! chevy"s alternative from next to side according to the position of the rods top top the crank. Ford V8s room 1-2-3-4 on one side, 5-6-7-8 top top the other. Shooting order have the right to be anywhere. Tell us what engine girlfriend have precisely then you will gain your inquiry answered..V6s and also 4s additionally are different.what is the engine???
here ya walk bro... gained one action ahead of the crowd. Heres a connect that will tell friend specs for any motor. Lmao... acquired one step ahead of the crowd. Heres a connect that will tell you specs for any motor. Lmao...
Don"t bet her life top top accuracy.Here"s a CP from their page"Warning: there is no guarantee that these specs are specific for your particular year and engine type. Top a manufacturing facility issued repair hand-operated for exact specifications if you feel they are not represented correctly here. If you find errors or have actually information that could be included here, please contact us."Yes, there room some errors on their list.
V8 numbering system
Sorry guys I"ve been away a pair of days.The V8 I"m interested in is the SBC, both numbering system and also firing order,thanks again.Clive W :welcome:

Thanks a lot malc, distributor at the earlier yes.Excuse mine ignorance however the greatest engine I"ve ever before dealt with is an inline six.Clive W :welcome:
Clive, below is a site with lots of specifications. Just click on the 3 Blue emphasize links. Top top the Index web links you can click on the component or number.Welcome, Todd :thumbup:
On a V8, over there will always be one bank of cylinders farther ahead than the other. Take it a look at this photo:

Notice just how the valve cover on the near side is more to the left (front) than the far side. The #1 cylinder will constantly be the front-most cylinder. From over there they have the right to vary. On countless engines (including the SBC), the driver"s side bank is numbered 1, 3, 5, 7, and the passenger next is 2, 4, 6, 8. In this manner, they are numbered in order, front come back. Fords are numbered 1-4 top top one side and 5-8 ~ above the other.Some engines favor the Cadillac have actually the #1 cylinder ~ above the passenger side since its the farthest forward.
ford 5.0 h.o
The ford 5.0 HO engines offered the boat camshaft and also use the 351 shoot order. The manufacturing facility put an aluminum foil decal ~ above the Dist but they go not always last there on larger engines. Deserve to come turn off at the auto wash engine cleaning.

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nailhead buicks
old buicks are like the caddy. Chauffeurs side head to the earlier making exhaust and also steering box clearance tight.
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