What ns Like about You: 10 Worst Episodes, Ranked by IMDb The WB sitcom What i Like about You featured a great cast led by Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth, but also had many of lackluster episodes.

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Airing from 2002 come 2006 ~ above The WB, sitcom What i Like about You perfectly encapsulates the lighthearted but sarcastic feeling that permeated so much of the early on 2000s" sitcom scene. Certification Amanda Bynes and also Jennie Garth as polar-opposite sisters, the present featured many of acquainted sitcom tropes and also beats, despite elevated them to a brand-new level thanks to the winning chemistry between its leads.

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But no matter how well Garth and also Bynes may have actually played turn off one another, as well as other main cast members who were included to the series" actors over time, What i Like around You was still a cheesy sitcom with plenty of entries the didn"t rather live up to the standards collection by some of its better episodes.

Holly Tyler bribes her teenage neighbor in What i Like around You
not every sitcom have the right to have a successful pilot episode. More regularly than not, sitcoms are large and general and feature only the roughest sketches of who the main personalities will become. Unfortunately, What ns Like about You drops prey come this trend, no matter how vibrant and plainly defined the characters become later.

"Pilot" finds free-spirited teenager Holly Tyler relocating in with her older, type-A sister Val after their father move to Japan because that a business trip. Apart from an oddly inserted guest illustration by Tony Hawk and an uncomfortable plot whereby Holly has to flirt v her tween neighbor, the pilot is mainly forgettable — and also likely because that the best.

Gary Thorpe and also Holly Tyler speak in a movie theatre in What i Like about You
as soon as sitcoms have uncovered a comfortable standing quo v their characters and relationships, it"s just a matter of time prior to the series tries come shake things up. What i Like about You make the efforts to carry out so with season 1"s "Tankini."

In this episode, Holly"s finest friend, Gary, find himself emotion jealous and also left out once her old ideal friend, Samantha, visits. However in typical sitcom fashion, Holly is the one who winds up feeling left out once Gary and also Samantha conveniently go indigenous butting top to locking lips. Of course, in the end, Holly and Gary"s friendship wins out.

Tina fights with her friend in What i Like about You
Viewers meet Tina in its 2nd season and also she easily becomes one of the series" major players. However no matter exactly how spunky and also hilarious she regularly is, also Tina can"t do every episode centered roughly her a winner.

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Such is the situation for "I"m Sorry, so Sorry." Tina is as stubborn and an overwhelming as ever before in this episode, i beg your pardon finds her refusing to do amends with her boyfriend and jeopardizing everyone"s plan to gain a getaway vacation v the boyfriend in question.

7 "I"ve got a Secret" (7.4)

Val Tyler make the efforts to to convince husband Vic she is not interested in What i Like around You
Although it is the shortest season, and also the last one in ~ that, What i Like around You"s 4th season is may be the show"s strongest. However even the doesn"t make every illustration a guaranteed winner. "I"ve got a Secret" is a element example.

At the love of this episode, that course, are countless secrets, which quickly become public knowledge: Gary and also Tina space falling for each other, and also Holly and also Vince are struggling with whether to share that details with each other. It leads to a drawn-out debate in between the new pair and the not-yet couple about friendship vs. Partnership confidentiality rules, which at some point feels unnecessary and also cliche.

Season 1"s "The Fix-Up" centers roughly a storyline the is deeply uncomfortable and also incredibly dated. Following Val"s break-up with her long-term boyfriend Jeff, Holly is eager to aid her sisters get ago on the market. She decides to try and settle Val up through her boyfriend Henry"s larger brother.

But of course, there"s a twist in the kind of an uncomfortable truth around Henry"s brother that Holly is made mindful of and also must hide from Val: he has actually an obscene variety of stuffed pets in his bedroom — which, as later revealed, are gifts from sexual conquests.

5 "Copy That" (7.0)

since it aired in the at an early stage 2000s, What i Like about You isn"t necessarily the ideal at illustrating gender relations and also workplace behaviors, and even worse at portraying the intersection the the two. The very first season illustration "Copy That," special an nearly unrecognizable pen Badgley in a vital guest role, perfectly exemplifies that.

Holly rejects the breakthroughs of Badgley"s Jake, who turns around and also smears Holly"s reputation by telling every one of their coworkers she to be desperate and wouldn"t prevent coming ~ above him. It"s a tired storyline, but likewise entirely fitting of the 2000s sitcom era.

speak of dated storylines including gender and the workplace, one of the worst illustration in the series" history is one the is inarguably steeped in extremely lazy stereotypes about gay women. The 3rd season episode "How to success in company Without yes, really Trying to it is in a Lesbian" — a horrifying title — features not one, however two uncomfortable, problematic storylines.

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Holly"s brand-new tough boss is led to think that Holly is a lesbian and suddenly starts offering her preferential treatment due to "being in the closet." Meanwhile, a recently single Val bonds with a recently solitary gay woman portrayed by Jenny McCarthy, in a storyline filled with offensive stereotypes around lesbian weddings, home renovations, and more.

3 "I desire My baby Back" (6.0)

It would certainly be rather easy come see What i Like about You"s fourth season premiere together nothing an ext than an incredibly long commercial for Chili"s. Native its title, plainly referencing the restaurant chain"s iconic jingle, come the reality that several of the an essential moments in the episode"s narrative take place in a Chili"s, the episode is confound from start to finish.

It additionally features arguably several of the worst green-screens in the history of the WB and also a entirely disappointing beginning to Holly and also Vince"s long-awaited romantic relationship.

No matter just how strong What ns Like about You"s fourth season could be, the episode that sets the up — the preceding season 3 finale — is an illustration filled v confusing story choices and half-baked plot twists.

Val, ever the responsible and mature Tyler sibling, acts in an incredibly out-of-character way upon learning that she ex has obtained married: she gets blackout drunk and marries a mystery man on her own. But possibly much more frustrating is the means in which the finale handles the back-and-forth in between Holly and Vince, as Vince sets off for Florida through a casual fling, and Holly... Stows far in his backseat for the ride.

1 "The Kid, the Cake, and the Chemistry" (5.4)

though this episode can be the worst-ranked ~ above IMDb, "The Kid, the Cake, and also the Chemistry" does feature an adorable storyline the Val bonding v a young young customer in ~ the bakery and trying in vain to uncover a link with his father. The sets increase Val"s romantic restlessness well, prepare viewers because that the shocking behavior to come.

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But the bulk of the episode is spent on a storyline entailing Holly and also Vince that just feels mean. Holly finally decides she is prepared to call Vince how she feeling after all this time, yet time and also again, her initiatives are thwarted, including her having to make a complete fool of it s her at the party she planned for Vince"s birthday as soon as he bring his gal pal along.

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