The saying might be old, yet the game is i m so sad still gift played. You want a secure girl — a girl who’s committed just to you… and also yet you refuse to commit come us. You i will not ~ promise us exclusivity for this reason that once you beat the field, she can’t call you a cheater. You tell she to save it casual while doing whatever you can to keep us on the hook. Screw the — girlfriend can’t have actually it both ways.

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You’re a hypocrite.

Let’s just acquire this one out of the way. If the isn’t apparent to you, your playboy BS is fully hypocritical. You string girls follow me claiming she “just not ready for a relationship” while maintaining your single status but expecting us to be there whenever girlfriend snap her fingers. NOPE.

Walk a mile in ours shoes. How would you feel to just be one of many? speak you were dating a girl and you want to be through us and also only us. We knew you were already dedicated to us regardless of ours status, however we speak we’re not ready. Meanwhile, we keep seeing you and also making you autumn harder and harder for us, however every time we’re not v you, we’re with another guy. Just how would you feeling then?

What made girlfriend so emotionally detached?

Did someone break her heart so now you’re make the efforts to break ours? What you’re act is cruel, therefore why nothing you care? You gain just together close to united state as we do to you, yet you never autumn for united state — why is that? What made you this way? space you a psychopath? Honestly, what the hell is wrong with you?

Do friend feel an excellent about yourself?

Sure, you’ve probably hooked up through your fair share of girls. You have to love the attention you gain from your boys who think you’re “the man,” but what happens as soon as the party’s over and also you’re alone v your thoughts? execute you feel great about the mark you’re leave on this world? because at the end of the day, what your boys think doesn’t matter and also their approval doesn’t make you a an excellent person.

How perform you sleep in ~ night?

Not just do we wonder just how you live v your douchebag tendencies, yet how execute you have different girls in her bed night after ~ night? perform you ever think around leading united state on? execute you ever feel guilty because that our heartache, or are you really the monster we think you are?

Be a grown man.

Go earlier to the title. See just how it’s addressed? particularly to guys, not men, due to the fact that real guys don’t treat ladies this way. Over there a millions of men in this world, yet you don’t need to be among them. It is in the exception. It is in one in a million. It is in a genuine man.

Do friend think this is a game?

Hearts room on the heat — how numerous have you broken with your carelessness? you trying to up her numbers by seeing how many chicks you can score, however we only care around one number — yours. You might not be acquisition this connection seriously, yet you know we are, therefore if girlfriend care around us in ~ all, cut us loose from your team, due to the fact that we’ll constantly lose v you we deserve come win.

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Grow up.

This tiny game you’re play is ridiculously immature. You want united state to be v you and only you, yet somehow you don’t lay the end the exact same rules because that yourself. That childish and selfish, and also no woman deserves to it is in a pawn in your game. You’re no in high college anymore and your frat boy days are behind you, so quit her playboy antics and just flourish the hell up already. One day, your BS will certainly come ago to bite friend in the ass.

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