Snoop Dogg to be arrested yesterday (Nov. 28) in Burbank, Calif., for investigation of illegally possessing a handgun and also drugs together he left NBC Studios ~ performing ~ above "The Tonight present with Jay Leno

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Snoop Dogg to be arrested yesterday (Nov. 28) in Burbank, Calif., for examination of illegal possessing a handgun and drugs together he left NBC Studios ~ performing top top "The Tonight show with Jay Leno," police said.The 35-year-old rapper, whose actual name is Calvin Broadus, and also two members of his entourage to be arrested roughly 6 p.m. After a search of his Diamond Bar home and car, Sgt. Kevin Grandalski said. Police seized a handgun and also some illegal drugs, Grandalski said. That did not have details.The sergeant stated the rapper was arrested for examination of being a convicted felon in possession that a firearm, own cocaine, carrying marijuana and also having a false compartment in his vehicle, Grandalski said."He remained in a automobile pulling out of the studio" once police quit him, claimed Donald Etra, the rapper"s attorney. Etra said he believed Broadus was booked at the prison for examination of gift a judge felon in possession that a firearm. The made bail of $60,000 and was released quickly after 1 a.m. Today, around seven hours after his arrest."As that this point, he stands chaste of all charges," Etra said. "The goal this evening was to obtain him the end of jail. The goal tomorrow is to attend to the case." The rapper was meant to it is in arraigned on Jan. 11, Etra said.Two identified gang members who space associates of Broadus likewise were taken right into custody, Grandalski said.Michael Mingo, 33, the Lakewood, to be arrested for examination of possessing burglary tools and also Lovell Polk, 36, that Moreno Valley, to be arrested for an outstanding warrant, Grandalski said. The did not know the nature of the warrant.The arrests stemmed from an investigation that followed the rapper"s Oct. 26 arrest in ~ Bob hope Airport below after airplane police claimed they discovered a gun and also marijuana in his car, Grandalski said. "Additional follow-up examination led detectives come obtaining the find warrant," the sergeant said. He did not have details.No charges have been filed in the case yet Broadus has actually a Dec. 12 court appearance because that an arraignment.Etra claimed the rapper likewise has a Dec. 4 arraignment in Orange County adhering to his Sept. 27 arrest for examination of moving a deadly weapon at john Wayne airport in Santa Ana.

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Security police officers said they uncovered a collapsible baton in the entertainer"s carry-on luggage. The rapper told deputies at the moment of his arrest that the baton to be a prop because that a movie.