That headline is not a misprint. Emma Watson and also one of she "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: component 1" costars did undoubtedly ditch their tops and lube up in silver repaint for a "full-on," steamy snogging session in the new PG-13-rated film. The just thing much more shocking than just exactly how racy the scene is for a "Potter" movie can be the identification of Watson"s on-screen make-out partner.

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SPOILER ALERT! stop reading right currently if you don"t desire details around a details scene from the film. Yet if curiosity has gotten the better of you, head come the jump for the scoop.

OK, that"s the end of the way; now on to the good stuff. The step in concern occurs reasonably late in "Deathly Hallows: component 1" once Ron (Rupert Grint) comes challenge to confront with the visualization of his worst fear: bother (Daniel Radcliffe) and Hermione (Watson) engaged in a fierce and also -- yes -- tastefully semi-nude make-out session. Of course, as any diehard "Potter" fan knows, the intuitive isn"t real; it"s a fantastical rendering created by one of the Horcruxes to keep Ron from damaging it. However just due to the fact that the snog wasn"t genuine in the "Harry Potter" world, doesn"t mean that Watson and also Radcliffe were turn off the hook from filming it.

"It is full-on," Watson said of the step -- for which she wore a strapless bra -- while speaking to betterworld2016.org News at the film"s London junket. "Actually, i forgot how full-on that was till I saw the movie, and I to be like, "Blimey, wherein did that come from?" that was yes, really full-on."

So to be it weird for Watson to swap spit v Radcliffe, whom she"s known for 10 years and also has frequently said is prefer a brothers to her?

"It was just the day prior to that lock said, "Oh, by the way, us hope it"s every right, however we want you to it is in topless, and we"re going come cover you in silver- paint,"" Watson laughed. "It to be awkward enough as it to be without the silver- paint and the strapless bra, however whatever. That works. It looks great for the story."

If you"re among the loyalists who"s been patiently wait for Ron and Hermione to get it on, don"t worry -- your time will certainly come when "Deathly Hallows: part 2" bows top top July 15. That filming the kissing scene, Watson called betterworld2016.org critical year: "I ended up pouncing on Rupert. Ns was so desperate to get it over.

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After ~ the first take, he to be like, "Whoa, there! wherein did the come from?" ns was like, "Sorry!""

Are you surprised that Watson and also Radcliffe share a kiss in "Deathly Hallows," also if that is in a fantasy sequence... Or did the book give friend an ample heads-up? Tell us in the comments!