GTA angry City has countless fun cheat codes that part players might enjoy using as soon as messing about with the classic 2002 game.

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Cheat codes space usually a fun method for a player to kill some time in a GTA game. GTA evil City has actually a plethora of fun cheat codes, which can make detect the right cheat code quite tricky in ~ times. There room all kinds of wacky cheat codes, with some ranging from changing the character"s player model to having actually women follow Tommy about like he"s some sort of chick magnet.

These cheat codes aren"t the most useful, but they"re still fun to utilize from time come time. They"re no the just fun cheat codes in GTA evil City, yet they"re diverse enough to appeal to different players, for this reason at the very least one of these cheat codes can be helpful to somebody.

Five fun GTA evil City cheat codes

5) generate a Rhino tank

There aren"t too numerous things an ext fun 보다 going ~ above a rampage through a Rhino tank in a GTA game. It"s no various in GTA angry City, which provides this cheat code among the most popular and also well-known persons in the game.

All that does is generate a Rhino tank. Whatever players do with it, afterward, is approximately them.

On PC, GTA evil City players require to enter "panzer."

On the PS2, they need to go into O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, O, Triangle.

On the initial Xbox, they require to enter B, B, LT, B, B, B, LT, White Button, RT, Y, B, Y.

4) car hovering over water

Given just how much water there is in GTA angry City, it deserve to be a pain to navigate v the map at times. One not correct turn, and also bam! The player landing in the water and also is as good as dead.

While there is no swim cheat code in GTA vice City, players have the right to still use this cheat code to prevent unnecessary deaths and likewise don"t have to rely on watercrafts so lot to travel v the game"s world.

On PC, GTA angry City players require to get in "seaways."

On the PS2, it"s >, R2, O, R1, L2, V, L1, R1.

On the original Xbox, it"s >, black Button, B, RT, White Button, X, RT, black Button.

3) paris cars

All of these cheat codes run on a comparable level to one another. Castle essentially change Tommy"s character version to the character linked with a details cheat code. However, that still has Tommy"s voice because that gameplay and also cut-scene purposes.

There are countless cheat codes for this section alone, therefore players have the right to either play as Lance Vance, young name King, a arbitrarily pedestrian, or a couple of more storyline-relevant characters. There are different codes for various characters, but the random pedestrian one constantly gives a random pedestrian model.

On PC, come play as a arbitrarily pedestrian, the cheat password is "stilllikedressingup."

On the PS2, it"s >, >, .

On Xbox, it"s >, >, .

1) women follow Tommy Vercetti

As the surname implies, this cheat code provides Tommy Vercetti a bonafide chick magnet. It"s a fun tiny cheat code with not too many practical uses, however the slim absurdity of having actually pedestrians following Tommy about is too fun to ignore.

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This cheat code applies to all female pedestrians in GTA evil City. However, this code does not influence male pedestrians, as it"s particularly catered toward having actually women follow the player.