Game present Network, famous by the short name of GSNTV is arranging Game show Network Daily draw Sweepstakes in which they are offering away upto $500 Cash come 1 lucky winner every day. You should watch GSN Game present Network everyday from 8 afternoon – 2 to be to obtain GSN code Word i m sorry is essential to get in in the Sweepstakes.

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GSNTV Game display Network Daily attract Sweepstakes


How to attain GSN daily Code Word?

Just clock GSN Game display Network every weeknight between 8pm-2am (Mon-Fri) come obtain GSN Daily attract Code Word and also visit to enter that GSN Daily attract Code word to obtain a opportunity to success $500 every job from GSN daily draw sweepstakes

 To go into in this Sweepstakes, Entrants must follow these basic steps:-First, achieve GSN password word every day by the town hall GSN between 8pm-2 am.Enter the GSNTV password word and also complete the entry formIf you’re lucky, girlfriend will get a chance to victory upto $500 cash every weeknight native Game display Network.

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What is the GSN daily Code Word?

If you’re liven & missed come watch any kind of episode that Game present Network (GSN) and looking for GSNTV code Word Today then you don’t should search anymore together i have added complete perform of all GSNTV Game display Network Daily draw Sweepstakes code Words below.

Also, I will keep including latest GSN code Word for this particular day as quickly as feasible in the list. You simply need to store checking the listed below list that GSNTV code word everyday so the you won’t miss to enter any day

GSN Daily attract Code Word

Entry Date:Gsn secret word:-
May 13, 2019Ginger
May 14, 2019Duck
May 15, 2019Yard
May 16, 2019Kitten
May 17, 2019Fries

Eligibility: This GSN everyday Sweepstakes is open only to legal citizens of the fifty (50) unified States and the district of Columbia who room (18) years of period or older and also members at the time of entry

Sweepstakes Duration: The Game display Network Daily attract Sweepstakes begins on or around February 22, 2019 in ~ 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and also ends on may 17, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. East Time

Entry Limit: Daily entry

Sweepstakes Prize(s): Daily prize upto $500 Cash and also (1) cool prize that $2500 cash

Winner choice Process

GSN Daily draw Drawings will certainly take ar at 1:00 p.m. ET Monday come Friday, beginning on February 22, 2019 and also will bring on it rotates the finish of Sweepstakes promotion Period. In Each day-to-day Drawing, (1) prize winner will certainly be favored randomly from every eligible entries obtained for that details Daily drawing via every valid GSN Sweepstakes entry methods.

How to play GSN TV Sweepstakes? (Video Guide)

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