Think her pull out video game is strong? Think again…

Whether you’re a male or a girl, it seems that a most us room deciding to use the pull out technique as ours preferred choice of contraception.

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When MTVNewsish ran a Twitter poll a little while back, 40% that us said we use the withdrawal technique to stop pregnancy. The was the MOST well-known choice, coming head and shoulders over the pill, one injection or the IUD. V so many of us deciding that pulling out is the way to go, maybe it’s time that we dug a tiny deeper…


‘Pulling Out’ or the ‘Withdrawal Method’ is a exercise that has been about long before we also came up through a word for it. It describes the action (with no condom on) whereby a male withdraws native a woman simply as he’s around to ejaculate, in bespeak to protect against pregnancy.

It is one unreliable technique of staying clear of pregnancy due to the fact that it may or might not occupational for a variety of reasons.

For one, the withdrawal method doesn’t account for pre-ejaculation, definition that you are perhaps risking pregnancy way before you’re even close come finshing. Also, it calls for a entirety lot the trust in between partners together it entails unprotected sex. The thing around this technique is that it requires the male to have the ability to know as soon as they are reaching the point of no return, and whether they can hold-up their ejaculation or not. People seem come think this is a form of ‘contraception due to the fact that “no sperm reaches the egg once I pull out”, however keep on analysis to uncover out even if it is there’s any type of truth come this.


1) HIV & STIsI will start with the most crucial reason, i m sorry is that; it does not safeguard you versus HIV/AIDS. It might be feasible to get a host of various other infections too, such as Chlamydia/HPV by not utilizing a condom.

2) You’re only HumanIt’s not really effective!!! Let’s no front, sometimes it gets so cook and an excellent that we gain lost in the moment, therefore it’s quite possible to traction out as well late or ejaculate a small bit prior to pulling out. Also, we’re human. In the warm of the minute we could forget the we need to pull out. Even if semen gets on the outer genitals (vulva), pregnancy might be feasible as sperm deserve to swim faster than your young Michael Phelps.

3) 3rd WheelIf you and Bae decision on round two, the is quite feasible that some of his sperm cells deserve to hang ~ above his tool and also remain active. These negative boys have the right to ride ~ above the pre-cum and also in some reported situations cause pregnancy, do pulling out pointless.

4) bad SubstitutionThe ‘withdrawal method’ tends to it is in less efficient than other creates of contraception together there room no guarantees. It’s every dependent top top the individual, whereas v a pill or IUD you space guaranteed more protection versus pregnancy (not 100% but that’s a story for one more day). In fact, if you use the pulling out technique you’re 27 times more likely to fall pregnant than those who usage the daily pill.

5) Mistakes are Bound to HappenMany young people pick this method because the the fear of having to go and ask because that contraceptives, together they fear being judged for “having sex at such a young age”. Many of us have actually not been educated that lot on sex, therefore mistakes room bound to happen when we room trying to defend ourselves without having actually the information we need.

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There you have it! her pull-out video game is officially weak! What happens though if you’re obtaining down and also you’ve run out of condoms? take a deep breath, get it together and just chill. If girlfriend can’t acquire hold that condoms adjacent then take a step ago and wait till friend do. The minute will pass yet HIV, pregnancy, and some STIs perform not. HIV, pregnant & a host of STIs space things that will continue to be with you for the remainder of her life.

TELL IT just how IT IS

During ours polling in illustration 8 the MTV Shuga: under South, us asked YOU: ‘If you operation out that condoms, what are you most most likely to do?’

The bulk of you at home said you would either wait or search for prophylactics rather than have unprotected sex. It is a large number, but #RealTalk: how countless of you would certainly actually wait if girlfriend ran out of condoms?

A many of world use the pull out method as your go-to technique when it concerns contraception. Yet, through all the proof stacked up versus this method, is that time us explored other develops of contraception once protecting our sex-related health? have actually you ever used this an approach and what to be the outcome? any lessons you wish to share through the Shugafam?

Let us understand what girlfriend think on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and also YouTube pages, and become component of the discussion…