After Gerald Levert passed far in November the 2006 indigenous an accidental overdose that prescription meds and also over-the-counter meds, anyone was wondering just how Eddie, that was incredibly close come his son, would have the ability to go on. However 14 months later in march of 2008, the unthinkable occurred when Eddie’s various other son, Sean Levert, passed away from withdrawals indigenous the stress med, Xanax, when in police custody for non-payments of boy support. After ~ that, friends and fans alike ended up being even an ext concerned around how Eddie and his ex-wife, Martha, (Sean and also Gerald’s mom) would have the ability to keep on keeping on.

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(L-R) Sean Levert, Eddie Levert, Gerald Levert (via Instagram)

A few years ago, Eddie opened up come The plain Dealer and Ebony about how he’s to be coping with Gerald and Sean’s death. He also manned up and willingly admitted where he feels he went wrong together a dad to them. Right here are excerpts indigenous those interviews.

On his sons’ untimely deaths

Eddie Levert: “If that wasn’t supposed to be, that wouldn’t have happened. I wish I could tell you the I had actually a sense of why, however I don’t. Ns still wonder: was it something ns did? possibly that’s why i’ve made so many alters in my life, to better myself and shot to it is in a better father, a far better husband, a much better friend. Possibly that’s the reason why: because that me to concerned a better place. Yet I can’t dwell ~ above it. It becomes an extremely emotional for me. It it s okay to a place where . . . … ns really miss out on them. It’s simply hard. However I can not get caught up in the fact that the wasn’t an alleged to be favor this, since it happened. -The PlainDealer

How that Copes

During his process of grieving, Eddie credits his religious faith v helping him come cope through his heartache:

Via TPD: “I review the publication of Job. He lost everything. I didn’t lose everything. I lost two sons. It’s no trivial. However compared to someone who shed their entirety family — execute you understand? — i was left something. God is still great. I maintained praying come God, and also God kept providing me strength. I had days once I blubbered like a baby, simply crying. I still have those moments. Yet I have a objective now.”

The music and memories Eddie has of performing through his sons, room what at some point get him v day by day:

“The music has always been healing. With Gerald and Sean, the times we had together on stage are few of the greatest moments of mine life, man. The time that ns was onstage through them act ‘Casanova’ or ‘Baby host on come Me’ or ‘Wind beneath My Wings’ — to me, those are priceless.

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Even now, as soon as I go and also perform those song by myself, they’re medicine. The many therapeutic time I have in my totality life is that hour and also a half that I perform onstage. Due to the fact that for one hour and also a half, ns don’t think about nothing but the music. Nothing think around the pain in mine knees. Don’t think around the pains in mine back. Nothing think around how i feel bad. All of that goes away as soon as I start doing that music.”

On His Regrets

Eddie Levert (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty pictures for nationwide Museum of african American Music)

Eddie admitted his an individual struggles once raising his 2 sons bak in the day:

“When Gerald and Sean passed away, I wanted to really blame myself since I felt favor it to be some points I could’ve kept them from seeing that ns did in my life, together a father. You understand what i’m saying? people say, ‘You’re a great dad,’ and all of that, however I’m a person, too, you know?

I provided to take it them ~ above the road with me, due to the fact that it was my wife’s opportunity to gain her break. I’d take the youngsters for the summer and she’d have the ability to get off right into her ministry as being among Jehovah’s witnesses. She to be a great woman; she just had a rotten man. Friend know? and also I have the right to speak the that male as gift a rotten man because he didn’t recognize what the had and also he didn’t recognize who he to be or what that should’ve been doing. It was ignorance. I had actually to learn.

Sean and Gerald have unfortunately transitioned on, but they have left their father with among the greatest gifts anyone could ask for- the gift the wisdom.