I have a Generac 4000EXL generator. I was Surfing the net tofind what filters cross recommendation with the 70185 as well. I havenot tried this yet, yet I came throughout that the fram PH3614, frame PH4967, Purolator 14476, and AC PF1233 should work. An excellent luck hopethese work out for both of us.

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I"ve offered both the fram PH3614 and PH4967. The 3614 is smallerand doesn"t totally cover the filter base. The 4967 is largerand much more than consists the base.

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I"ve had no leakage with either.



I have actually a Generac 7000EXL. The oil filter is a Generac 70185.Here is a perform of all the brand part numbers that room suitablereplacements:

Puralator L14476

Fram PH4967

ACDelco PF1233

WIX 51394

Amsoil EAO09

STP S4967

K&N HP-1003

NAPA gold 1394 or 21394

Pennzoil PZ39

Valuecraft V4967

Mopar FE308

For the record, it"s the very same oil filter offered in a 2001 ToyotaCorolla or Echo.

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