the scientific research of naming and also classifying organisms
binomial nomenclaturetwo-word device for naming organisms
genustaxonomic category containing similar species
familysimilar genera are grouped into a _______
ordersimilar family members are combined into a _______.

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classorders with usual properties are united in a ________.
phylumclasses with similar characteristics room assigned come a _________.
kingdomsimilar phyla are accumulated into a _______.

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domainsimilar kingdoms room grouped into a ________.
biological speciesgroup of organic populations that deserve to interbreed and also produce productive offspring
phylogenyevolutionary background of a species
cladisticsmethod of evaluation that reconstructs phylogenies through inferring relationships based upon shared characteristics
ancestral charactercharacter mutual by 2 or much more groups which originated in their last common ancestor
derived charactertrait or chacter evolved in an ancestor that one group but not that the other
cladogramdiagram that mirrors the evolution relationships amongst groups the organisms
phylogenetic treediagram that display screens genetic relationship of species
prokaryoticorganism that DOES NOT have actually a nucleus
eukaryoticorganism the DOES have a nucles
peptidoglycancarbohydrate material uncovered in the cell wall surfaces of part bacteria
chitinprotein material found in the cell walls of fungi
cellulosecarbohydrate material found in the cell walls of plants
unicellularorganisms the consist of only 1 cell
multicellularorganisms make of many cells
autotrophicorganism that produces its own food
heterotrophicorganism that CANNOT make its own food
animaliakindgom come which people belong
plantaekingdom come which oak trees and also roses belong
fungikingdom to which yeasts and also mushrooms belong
protistakingdom come which all of the 'misfits' belong
eubacteriakingdom to which E. Coli and also Salmonella belong
archaebacteriakingdom come which excessive living bacteria belong