I"ve obtained a Magvavox TB110MW9 converter box and a One for every remote, does anyone have actually a password i can try? I discovered one for the Apex that us have yet cant seem to find one for our Magnavox.

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Many Thanks!Carl

Carl, I"ve personally make the efforts remotes from RCA, Zenith, URC and my favorite, which is a Chinese no-name, and not a among them had actually a password that would work.The URC, however, could be "taught" to job-related the box, girlfriend just need to go with the fairly tedious discovering process. There room a variety of "learning" remotes out there, some cheap, some not so cheap. You pays her money and you takes her chances.

If you still have the initial remote the "learning" role would job-related fine. Until the batteries walk dead and all codes space lost. So if you sooner or later did shed the far it would certainly be hard to use the URC again.I"ve found comparable looking remotes for Funai, Symphonic, and also various others that look just like the Magnavox converter, most of them room for VCRs but ironically attributes such together "Menu" and also "Channel Up/Down" will certainly work must you lose the remote, but wouldn"t carry out the "one remote for every devices" you"re seeking.

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Magnovox Digital TV converter box remote equipment codes
The cheapest solve we might find (after hrs of in search of code for "one because that all" global to no avail), was to merely go to walmart and for $8 get the RCA global remote, it has actually a special ar in the code literary works for DTV converter boxes (about 20 various brands including Magnovox)... It worked the an initial time.. Straightforward to program (hold down dtc button at very same time go into 5 digit password with other hand (51563), your"re done, Easy). Menu functions work as well with menu button, also program info have the right to be obtained with the overview button, then use right arrow to accessibility future regime info, etc.. ) nice unit, appears to it is in the only one for a decent price that we can find the was an immediate solution. The also permits for 2 other devices such as TV and DVD or VCR or DVR or Satelite systems to be managed from same unit.. I"d obtain 2 to usage in different rooms so girlfriend don"t have to re-learn a brand-new remote every time you change rooms. Additionally has finding out feature, and also quick discover if you have the right to just enter the very first code, if the doesn"t work you just hit power button to instantly go to following code because that your machine brand. Neat. Not the ultimate but for the price an extremely good.