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‘Frailty, thy surname is woman’ is among the most quoted lines native Shakespeare. It shows up in Hamlet, and is bring away from one of Shakespeare’s most renowned soliloquys: ‘Oh the this too too hard flesh would melt.’

It is the first soliloquy in Hamlet, a play that is well known for that is soliloquies.

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Hamlet has actually returned to Denmark from his research studies in Germany since his dad has died and, intended to comfort his mother, that finds the she has actually married her husband’s younger brother Claudius. Apart native the reality that Hamlet has never liked and also trusted Claudius, he is ravaged that she has actually remarried, to Claudius in particular, and also so soon after she husband’s death.

The play opens up with the suave, smooth, charismatic Claudius, currently King of Denmark, addressing the court. He has actually somehow jumped in and also taken the throne i beg your pardon should have been Hamlet’s. Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, is seated beside him on the throne. Hamlet is pull on in black as the is in mourning for his father, and also both his mother and Claudius implore him come lighten up and not take his mourning as well far. When all the personalities have left the room Hamlet shows the audience exactly how he is feeling. He is very depressed, and angry the his mother has married his uncle so soon after his father’s death. Us now get the first insight into hamlet’s state that mind.

O, the this too too solid flesh would meltThaw and also resolve itself right into a dew!Or that the Everlasting had not fix’dHis canon ‘gainst self-slaughter! O God! God!How weary, stale, flat and also unprofitable,Seem to me all the supplies of this world!Fie on’t! ah fie! ’tis an unweeded garden,That grows to seed; things rank and gross in naturePossess that merely. The it should come to this!But 2 months dead: nay, not so much, not two:So great a king; the was, to this,Hyperion come a satyr; so loving to mine motherThat he could not beteem the winds of heavenVisit her challenge too roughly. Heaven and earth!Must ns remember? why, she would hang ~ above him,As if rise of appetite had actually grownBy what the fed on: and yet, in ~ a month–Let me no think on’t–Frailty, thy surname is woman!A little month, or ere those shoes were oldWith i m sorry she follow’d my negative father’s body,Like Niobe, all tears:–why she, also she–O, God! a beast, that desires discourse of reason,Would have mourn’d longer–married through my uncle,My father’s brother, but no more like mine fatherThan I come Hercules: in ~ a month:Ere yet the salt of many unrighteous tearsHad left the flushing in she galled eyes,She married. O, many wicked speed, come postWith such dexterity to incestuous sheets!It is no nor that cannot pertained to good:But break, my heart; for ns must organize my tongue.


‘Frailty. Thy surname is woman’

Who is the woman in ‘Frailty, thy name is woman’ quote?

When Hamlet states “woman,” he way Gertrude. That sees she as morally weak due to the fact that she has betrayed her husband by marrying his brother, Claudius, simply one month after her husband’s death.

When, referring to his mother, he says “frailty thy name is woman” he is foreshadowing his tardy of Ophelia who appears to it is in on Claudius’ side, and also is thus an additional betrayal by an additional woman. The 2 women closest to him have actually disappointed him. Come his mental women stand for frailty – they space weak, breakable and delicate in nature. Those qualities are innate in the character of women. That sees your actions as betrayal as result of their fragility and also watches both dice as a result of their own misjudgments.

In the years prior to the fatality of his father Hamlet remained in a connection with Ophelia however now, after the shock the his mother’s remarriage and his assessment of she character, and the character of all women, together frail, that is not only cold towards her yet actually cruel. He shouts at her, curses at her, raises his eight as despite he is going come hit her, and also makes she cry. She is under excessive pressure as all the men in her life are abusing her: her father, Polonius, intimidates her and dictates come her, and he and also Claudius use her come spy on Hamlet. And now Hamlet, that has always been loving and tender in the direction of her, is behaving violently. All that drives her to suicide.

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The play, Hamlet, most likely deals with more issues than any of Shakespeare’s other plays do, and also here, in this soliloquy, and also this one sentence, Hamlet is presenting several that those issues. Anger, family, gender and misogyny are tightly woven into the message of this play.