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Hey men - I understand the 350R wheel are an alleged to it is in torqued come 150ft/lbs and was just curious if anyone had any type of insight into why Ford specs that so high? i am to run aftermarket alloy wheels and wondering if together a high talk spec is necessary for them. I"ve own a ton that cars and also trucks however never watched such a high setting on lug nuts.

That"s the traditional torque spec because that that dimension bolt. Ford may or might not add a tiny little bit extra for factor of safety yet that"s market standard for the given material and also thread parameters. Expect this help


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I only TQ mine to 130 ft lbs. Although, i swap wheels all the time and also it’s not stressing the products as much. Ns am trying to expand the life of mine ARP studs.
I only TQ mine come 130 ft lbs. Although, i swap wheels every the time and it’s not stressing the materials as much. Ns am trying to prolong the life of my ARP studs.
And that"s a good question. How countless cycles is an ARP stud great for? They certain do gain a the majority of use, more than likely in my instance 30-40 or so on/off cycles a year? i m sorry is more than many cars would see in a lifetime.
JDee, I review in HotRod newspaper a while back around ARP fasteners and also the studs lasted (insert exaggeration here) 1 billions cycles. I don’t remind what the number was however it was an extremely high. I simply don’t end torque and alway clean my threads after each wheel R/R.Here is a nice ARP article
Normal bolt/ stud ( as opposed to torque to yield fasteners) speak specs save a bolt in ~ the elastic part of it"s stress/ strain curve. That means they"re acting similar to a spring. Their exhaustion life in that selection is millions and also millions that cycles. Don"t worry about fatiguing and also breaking your wheel studs by using the appropriate torque come ensure suitable vlamping.
As Thub says, the designed speak spec is in the elastic deformation variety of the lug, and also ensures ideal clamping load. Using much less torque doesn"t significantly lengthen the fastener life, but does mitigate the clamping force, possibly sufficient to reason problems. Carroll smith goes end this in excruciating detail in "Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, and also Plumbing Handbook" aka "Screw come Win."
The formula for computing the clamping fill as a duty of fastener dimensions and torque is simple to find on the internet. To carry out the calculation appropriately requires a most data - form of steel and so on - that we don"t have, yet if you simply want to compare two fasteners that room made the the exact same stuff, figuring the end the distinction is fairly easy. Simply after I obtained my 2016 GT350, prefer the OP, I got curious around the 150 ft-lb torque, therefore I compared the clamping force of a 1/2" lug at 100 ft-lb (S197) come a M14x1.5 lug at 150 ft-lb. The was substantially the same. The only distinction is the the M14 stud has actually a bigger cross-section, therefore it"s stronger, but the press on the pickled in salt is the same. Over there must have been a brand-new standard or test in the auto sector at the time - mine wife"s 2016 BMW likewise has M14 wheel bolts while our 2008 has the M12 bolts the BMW started using ago in the 1950"s.

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I would imagine the ones set up by ours our pit weapons are a lot greater than 150pounds..kudos to ARP
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What about coated wheel studs and also lug nuts choose the people OP sells and says to torque come 100 ft/lbs. I feel prefer 100 ft/lbs is no enough. What are your thoughts? Torque come OP’s ide or 150 ft/lbs the Ford suggest.