Preparing because that college while quiet in high school can be difficult for even the most academically minded student. These days, you need to excel in the classroom, make certain you’re affiliated in extracurricular activities, and also enroll in difficult classes to admire a university admissions board. On peak of that, the financial price of greater education may add to what is currently a stressful time in an ambitious student’s life. Luckily, v a tiny preparation, you may have the ability to make applying for financial assist painless and also stress free. Check out on to discover more.

Standardized trial and error matters

Every October, third-year high college students can take the Preliminary satellite (PSAT), also known together the nationwide Merit Scholarship Qualifying check (NMSQT). Also if castle won’t need to take the sat for college, taking the PSAT/NMSQT is compelled for many scholarships, such together the national Merit Scholarship.1

Looking front to the spring of their junior year, college-bound student will want to take it the satellite or ACT. An early test date may permit time for repeating the test their an elderly year, if necessary. No issue how plenty of times your child takes the test, most colleges will only look at the best score.


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The totally free Application for federal Student assist (FAFSA) is the single-most important form you need in order to secure financial aid from the federal government.

Each year, around 13 million students record their FAFSA and receive a linked total of more than $120 exchange rate in grants, work study, and also low-interest loan from the U.S. Department of Education.2 Recent transforms to the website have systematized the applications process, but some preparation prior to you sit under to submit your FAFSA have the right to make it also easier. Make certain you gather every the info you can about your and your family’s finances. Pausing currently to make certain those records are close at hand can save both time and frustration later on.


Don’t forget around "gift aid"

Grants and also scholarships room often called “gift aid” due to the fact that they are totally free money – financial aid that doesn’t have to be repaid.

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College-bound students have the right to learn about grants and also scholarships in several ways, however the most-effective strategy starts through contacting the financial assist office in ~ the university or college you plan to attend. Doing your own research can likewise be an effective strategy, yet be careful: scholarship and grant scams are plentiful.3

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