uncover the complementary and also supplementary angles of $48^circ21"12""$. Please assist me I perform not know just how to do addition and individually in DMS system.

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If the moment is currently $3:27$, exactly how would you number out exactly how long it will certainly be until $6:00$?

It"s $2$ hours and also $33$ minutes. The $33$ minutes it s okay you to $4:00$, and also $2$ hrs gets you the remainder of the means to $6:00$.

So, what angle, when included to $48^circ21"12""$, will obtain you to $90^circ$?

First, $48""$ gets you to $48^circ22"$. Then, $38"$ it s okay you to $49^circ$. Finally, an additional $41^circ$ gets you to $90^circ$.

So the match of the angle is $41^circ 38" 48""$.

Finding the complement is similar, and the prize is $131^circ 38" 48""$.

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$90^circ0"0""-48^circ21"12""$ is comparable to, say, $1000-842$ yet instead of take out loan 10s friend borrow 60s since one level equals 60 minutes and 1 minute equals 60 seconds.

So, to start with $90^circ0"0""-48^circ21"12""$ i do not care $89^circ59"60""-48^circ21"12""$

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