We have actually seen a many incredible games in the NBA season, where plenty of records have been broken, lot of of points to be scored and also last-minute drama happened. In general, fans are constantly fond of city hall resultative gamings where both teams score dozens of points and demonstrate one effective display for spectators. However, over there are likewise moments when anti-records take place and also the lowest-scoring games are one of them.

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What is the lowest NBA Score ever? The lowest NBA score was in between Fort Wayne Pistons and also Minneapolis Lakers, whereby the last score was 19-18 come the fort Wayne Pistons.

When we space talking about the shortest scoring games such things are mainly component of the past. In contemporary basketball, it is nearly impossible come think that a enhance where teams score much less than 100 points. Back a long time ago we have actually a background in prior of ourselves when NBA teams barely scored more than 50 points. In this article, us will have a look at the 5 lowest-scoring NBA games and it is not a surprising fact that these games occurred almost 70 years ago – prior to the 24-second shot clock era to be introduced. Practically every enhance on ours list has one basic resemblance – they were played throughout the 1946/1947 season when the 24-second ascendancy was no in force yet and basketball to be really various from the one that we see today.

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5. Boston Celtics – Pittsburgh Ironmen (46-44)

This enhance took place a really long time ago on December 2, 1946. During that period statistics were hardly recorded and also it to be really daunting to keep track of each player’s results. If you take it a look at package score the only accessible stats include points. Al Brightman was the highest-scoring player indigenous the Boston Celtics through 12 points and Tony Kappen netted 7. That is incredible, yet the Celtics made 17 field goals in complete which by today’s requirements is something tough to imagine.

4. Washington Capitols – Pittsburgh Ironmen (49-40)

Most that our games on the list arisen during the 1946-1947 season. This to be a duration when basketball in the United states was really obtaining popularity. Prefer the vault game, over there is tiny information about the food of the match. It took place on November 30, 1946, in Washington. What us can attract out native the statistics is that the Washington Capitols were a clear favourite of win this confrontation if the Pittsburgh Ironmen were struggling throughout the season.

3. Boston Celtics – Washington Capitols (47-38)

This is a match that took royal residence on January 16, 1947. Fred Scolari and also Al Brightman which us have currently mentioned below gathered 17 and also 14 points respectively from the Capitols and also Celtics. By acquisition a look in ~ the score paper by quarters, the maximum quantity of points did not exceed 15 i m sorry looks unbelievable. Nowadays such a score have the right to be completed in a single quarter but we are talking about an era whereby basketball to be still in the breakthrough process. In total, both groups made 32 field goals and also executed 37 complimentary throws. The Washington Capitols were reputed favorites because that this match but the Celtics emerged as winners eventually.

2. Washington Capitols – Detroit Falcons (50-33)

Another lowest-scoring complement happened during the 1946/1947 season and in particular, this confrontation arisen on November 2, 1946. From the Washington Capitols we can talk around Bob Feerick and also Fred Scolari both of whom scored 14 clues respectively and Bones McKinney followed with 11.

As because that the Detroit Falcons, Stan Miasek to be a leader through 9 points. Together stats look at hilarious nowadays. The teams regulated to score 28 field goals in 4 quarters and also only 27 cost-free throws. There is no official record of rebounds, steals, assists, and blocks ~ above the Internet and also it is no a wonder because the enhance was played nearly 80 year ago.

1. Fort Wayne Pistons – Minneapolis Lakers (19-18)

Four matches the we have reviewed over were in the variety of 80 points yet this specific encounter is i do not have anything close to these results. Actually throughout this complement spectators only witnessed 37 points! There space no noticeable statistics the this game as well, however for sure on the day, November 22, 1950, an ext people dropped asleep in the stands 보다 points were scored during the match. In the most lackluster game in league history, the Pistons (known together the ft Wayne Pistons) beat the Lakers (still the Minneapolis Lakers) 19:18. The 24-second rule hasn’t been presented yet, so the fort Wayne players just hosted the ball, avoiding the dominant Minneapolis-based George Mikan from attacking the ring. However even provided the low tempo the the game, this an outcome is strong given against the elevator of the season. The Pistons didn’t score much less than 64 point out a game that year, and also the Lakers didn’t score listed below 63. Mikan scored 15 of the Lakers’ 18 points, and also no Pistons player scored much more than five points.

Mikan was constantly a dominant figure for his team and it is not a surprised that he score 15 points. John Oldham indigenous the Pistons was actually the one who regulated to net 5 clues 3 of which come from the totally free throws.

The shot Clock Era

Since the advent of the shot clock in 1954, the lowest merged score collection by 2 NBA groups was set on Feb. 27, 1955 once Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Hawks merged for 119 points. With Boston win 62 to 57. Much more recently the lowest points full for a short article shot clock NBA team was set in April 1999 through the Chicago Bulls. With simply 49 points vs the Miami Heat, that ran out winners v 82. You’ll notice from the box score listed below that a couple of months gotten rid of from to win their 6th NBA location of the decade the once mighty Bulls to be without both Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen (who averaged more than 49pts linked for their whole careers). For context this to be the 1999 lock the end season after MJ retired. The Chicago Bulls finished the 60 video game season with a 13 and also 37 record.

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The Bottom Line

The NBA has actually evolved since then and also currently, it is almost impossible to conceive that such anti-records will ever before happen. Teams are an ext focused ~ above the offense and in nearly every game over 200 points linked are scored. The arrival of the 24-second rule and 3-point shots allowed teams to diversify their game strategy, speeding up play. Right now it is not feasible to organize the round anymore and also restrain the the opposite team indigenous attacking. Such records remain a point of the past and also are i can not qualify to be repetitive in the future.