If you’re practicing the letter of the alphabet and love animals, this cute Farm animals Beginning Letter Clip Cards will certainly be perfect for your small ones.

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Let’s take a look at the start letters of each animal and also clip the right one through a clothespins.


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Ready come start?

These beginning letter clip cards are perfect because that toddlers and also preschoolers. This is likewise a nice way to exercise the ABC’s and the names of various animals.

Farm animals Beginning Letter Clip Cards

The video game is easy and also fun come play. Every you require is a few clothespins and this totally free page.

This printable consists of 6 clip cards – a pig, a duck, a horse, a cow, a goat and a hen.

The goal is to practice the names of the 6 common animals the live ~ above the farm. Usage your clothespins and let the children clip castle in the accurate position.

After playing through these cards for some time, your youngsters will have the ability to mark the correct letter quickly and also with confidence.

When your kids come to be faster in ~ this game, encourage them to surname the various other letters. Because that example, there is a pig ~ above the picture. The letters listed below are “e”, “g”, and “p”. The correct letter is a letter “p” because that a pig ~ above the picture.

After they mark the correct start letter of a pig (“p”) encourage castle to discover the animals starting with the various other letters on the card (in this example: “e” and also “g”). Let’s speak the letter “e” might be because that an elephant, one eagle, an emu and also so on.

A an excellent idea would be to laminate the cards in stimulate to do them last longer so kids will have the ability to practice through them over and over again.


Get your cost-free Farm pets Beginning Letter Clip Cards here.

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Learn with pet Classification and also Sorting Printable task and execute some coloring through these Farm pet Coloring Pages.

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