I don"t understand what firm published your copy, but the copy i have is by Glencoe literary works library. There is likewise a Warner publications Edition.

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P.5 Maycomb to be an old town, but it to be a worn down old town once i very first knew it.

Page 12: from the job Mr. Radley take it Arthur home, human being said the house died.

page 15-16: The Old residence was the exact same droopy and sick. (on page 15-16) - The Radley home is no a life object, thus it can not be sick.

Page 25 starts chapter 4. It says "some tinfoil to be sticking in a knot-hole just over my eye level, winking in ~ me in the afternoon sun."

"We strolled silently under the sidewalk, listening come porch swings creaking with the load of the neighborhood..." (Lee 57).

"...the chinaberry trees to be malignant..." (Lee 62).

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"Aunt Alexandra sipped coffe and also radiated waves of disapproval" (Lee 178).

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