Day 1, 6:39 pmstay overnight and also leave the next day around 10:00 amdrive for about 1.5 hours< read an ext >
Camping at Garden of the gods / 7 Falls
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Here"s a sample itinerary for a journey from Dallas to Colorado Springs. If you"re plan a road trip to Colorado Springs, you can research places to stop along the way. Traveling with a dog or cat? watch pet-friendly stops in between Dallas and also Colorado Springs. Camping follow me the way? see RV campgrounds in between Dallas and also Colorado Springs. Uncover the ideal hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on themost talked around places encourage by members.

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10:00 am start in Dallasdrive for around 2.5 hours

12:18 pm Wichita Fallsstay for around 1 hour and also leave at 1:18 pmdrive for around 1.5 hours

2:56 pm Quanahstay for around 1 hour and also leave at 3:56 pmdrive for about 2.5 hours

6:39 pm eat in ~ Coyote Bluff Cafestay overnight and also leave the next day roughly 10:00 amday 1 driving ≈ 6.5 hours

10:00 am leave from Potter Countydrive for about 1.5 hours

11:35 am Dalhart (Texas)stay for around 1 hour and also leave in ~ 12:35 pmdrive for about 2.5 hours

3:09 pm Trinidad (Colorado)stay for about 1 hour and leave in ~ 4:09 pmdrive for around 1.5 hours

5:25 pm Pueblostay for about 1 hour and leave in ~ 6:25 pmdrive for about 43 minutes

7:08 pm arrive in Colorado Springseat in ~ The Cliff house at Pikes Peak

day 2 steering ≈ 6 hours

Kathy asked:Best areas to protect against for overnight (1 answer)

Wichita falls (3 answers)QuanahCoyote Bluff café (2 mentions)Dalhart (Texas)Trinidad (Colorado) (3 answers)Pueblo (2 answers)

Need some referrals on what to gain food? members indicate The Cliff residence at Pikes Peak, i m sorry was mentioned 2 times.

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This section might be endless, so quite than make the efforts tosuggest every local activity or attraction, we"ll leave itopen-ended.

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Kimberly native Scottsdale asked:Camping at Garden that the gods / Seven falls (3 answers)

Morgan indigenous asked:1 job white water rafting trips (2 answers)

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Yes, even this action is optional, since if you"re top top vacationwho desires the pilgrimage to end? It"s okay, you have the right to start to plan yournext trip!

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You can additionally compare the take trip time if you"re paris or drivingby calculating the distance from Dallas to Colorado Springs. Or obtain a full Dallas to Colorado Springs flight plan.

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Don"t forget around exploring your very own hometown through a staycation.You can also find some cool job trips or gain away because that a weekend.Maybe try typing in a faraway location like London, Hong Kong,or Sydney, and get inspired for your dream trip around the world.

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without making any type of stopstotal driving distance is 727 milesdriving time that 10 hours, 53 minutes
Colorado Springs is 1 hour behind Dallas123 Dallas take trip answers3 Wichita falls travel answers1 Dalhart (Texas) take trip answer3 Trinidad (Colorado) take trip answers2 Pueblo take trip answers66 Colorado Springs travel answers
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