Why walk a sick person come to our dreams? Dream Interpretations believe that the dreamer walk not have really serious troubles at the moment; otherwise he would not have imagined the suffering of one more person. And if you view yourself unhealthy in a dream - to anxieties and adversities; if it was someone unknown - to the successful resolution of difficulties.

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Nevertheless, to check out himself in the hospital because that a man, follow to Freud"s dream book, is a sign of impotence impending; and for a woman - a enjoy of the fact that none of the partners regulated to provide her real pleasure.

The sorceress Medea explains why one dreams of being serious ill himself: one has to bear an excessive burden in real life. You should really sweet your own capabilities. If you dreamy of one unfamiliar ailing person, this plot way you must take care of your health. If it to be a good friend, that would soon be diagnosed with a disease. See a deceased girlfriend in a dream predicts malaise, and also seeing the healthy way luck.

The Modern linked dream book describes why a human with cancer was watched in a dream: this is just how anxiety, suspiciousness manifests itself. The dreamer lives in anticipation that the misfortune in love and the fallen of the service - however in truth one should expect a degradation in the wellness of close relatives.


Ivanov’s dream book promises a long life come someone that saw himself suffering native oncological disease in a dream. Interpreters agree: because that many human being this is not a prophetic sign; you simply dreamed of other that issues you in reality. The image of a stranger enduring from cancer portends futile efforts.

For the infantile teenager who dreamed the mourning the death that a relative, there is no prophetic implication. The children psyche is sometimes inherently secretly, “pretentious,” wanting someone dead; and fantasies room reflected in dreams. If the did not cry in a dream, this way he misses this relative.

Vanga claims: to view yourself dying is a sign of a happy union with your loved one. Her dream book says what it means if the sick human being is dying in a dream: a challenging decision needs to be made, to withstand the resolve the devil and save your spirit from suffering. As soon as a large number of people die indigenous ailments, this portends an epidemic.

Observing a sick human in a state of clinical death in a dream way that old friend have cunning plans that they will be able to fulfill.

A dreamer who sees a mentally ok person will have actually a long life, however in the close to future it will certainly be complicated by quarrels. Listening the stunner delirium the the mentally ill person in a dream bodes fraud, but if the he endured from epilepsy, his words will be prophetic.


An Ancient dream book explains what one unhealthy human being symbolizes in a dream, the disorder of whom was shown up in sleepwalking: the moment has pertained to turn because that advice not to reason, yet to intuition. If you quarrel through the holy ghost abnormal person, this indicates fear of her own an enig desires.

A terminally ill human comes in a dream as a reproach of conscience for those misconducts that carry out not offer you rest in reality. For example, as soon as you dreamed that a family members member was dying of cancer, the means: the cooling the relations has gone also far, and also the dreamer sincerely regrets that - this is what Vanga’s dream book says. However, together a dream does not portend truly tragic events.

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Dreams have actually a special meaning if a really sick person shows up in them. If friend dreamed around him in a hospital bed – this is one omen that he would soon acquire out that bed, in contrast to what it way if he to be seen healthy - it"s feasible you can catch the an illness yourself. If a young, healthy man sees how a ailing person has actually recovered in a dream, dream books say that far-ranging changes are ahead.