Arc Information
Original Run:09 march 1994 – 31 January 1996 (100 weeks; invested 28 main on break)
Corresponding:Dragon sphere Z episodes 220 – 291 (72 episodes)Dragon round Chapters 446 – 519 (74 chapters; approx. 1.0 chapter every episode)
Filler Content:To it is in Determined
Rating Shares:Average: 18.5%Maximum: 26.5% (Episode 220)Minimum: 12.1% (Episode 273)
Arc Synopsis

Together with Kaiōshin, Goku and also the others pursue the pair, and also are educated of the ambitions of the wizard Bobbidi. Needing energy in order to revive Majin Boo, the magician Bobbidi entices Goku and also co. Into his spaceship. Goku and co. Overwhelmed the warrior dispatched through Bobbidi, but somehow Vegeta was manipulated by Bobbidi and also clashed v Goku! with that energy, Majin Boo’s resurgence begins!

Majin Boo is ultimately revived! With stamin that doesn’t enhance his external appearance, Dabra, Kaiōshin, and Gohan room no enhance for him. Vegeta challenges him to a struggle on his own, yet even the attack for which that sacrificed his life was of no effect. With couple of people left lively in the reduced world, goku proposes that he teach the combination technique to Goten and Trunks. On the other hand in the Kaiōshin realm, having had actually his life conserved by Kaiōshin, Gohan had drawn out the legendary Z Sword, said to approve one tremendous power!

In order to stall Majin Boo, who was walk to damage West City, son ogong transforms right into Super Saiyan 3. After son ogong departs, Majin Boo death Bobbidi and begins enjoying himself by destroying the earth as he pleases. Gohan is given a power-up by the Elder Kaiōshin, who appeared from the Z Sword, while Goten and Trunks end up being Gotenks with Fusion. Majin Boo briefly ended up being gentle through Satan’s persuasion, but due to the fact that of wicked world he achieved a at sight power-up. The time for the decisive fight is near!

Majin Boo, who had actually exterminated nearly every one of humanity, commences to battle Gotenks. However, through the strength of at sight Saiyan 3 cut off, Gotenks is in completely dire straits! at that allude Gohan arrives, having finished his power-up in the Kaiōshin realm, and overwhelms Majin Boo. It seemed choose Gohan would have actually an overwhelming victory, but Majin Boo soaked up Piccolo and also Gotenks, powering up even further! at Gohan’s crisis, Goku proved up through the potara, yet even Gohan finished up obtaining absorbed.

Goku merges with a resurrected Vegeta through the potara, and also rescues Gohan and also the others. However, as result of the original Majin Boo being torn out as well, Majin Boo metamorphoses into a Majin Boo the pure evil. Having obliterated the Earth, Majin Boo shows up in the Kaiōshin realm, and he and Goku start the last decisive battle! With aid from Vegeta, the original Majin Boo, and also Satan, goku annihilates Majin Boo through a super Genki-Dama!

And then, ten years had passed and also our heroes take part in the Tenka’ichi Budōkai. After ~ battling through the young Oob, son ogong takes him under his wing and the two collection out on a trip to train the young warrior.

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Goodbye, Goku. Until we fulfill again!