Country star i was baptized in a Church the Christ reflects on his spiritual highs and also soul-wrenching lows.

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Nelson Books, an imprint of thomas Nelson, released Randy Travis’ memoir.

“Despite making some development at gift a much better person, ns still felt the if i were come die, I would certainly not go to heaven,” recalls Travis, 60, who all-time hits include “Three wooden Crosses,” “I Told you So” and also “On the various other Hand.” “More likely, ns suspected, I had actually a great chance that landing in hell.”

A powerful sermon by Harless one Sunday inspired the country star to respond.

“I didn’t quite know how to express my decision to trust in Jesus and also to follow him, for this reason after the service, i approached the pastor and also said, ‘I’d prefer to obtain baptized,’” Travis recounts in the 304-page memoir, co-written with Ken Abraham and published previously this year by Nelson Books.

“The church had actually a baptismal pool on-site, so brother Harless wasted no time. That same evening he i was baptized me, and also it to be a special celebration of mine Christian faith,” the singer explains.

“For me baptism to be a an effective illustration of the statement the the old Randy was dead, hidden in the water and also gone, and also that i was a brand-new person.”

“For me baptism to be a powerful illustration of the statement that the old Randy was dead, buried in the water and gone, and that ns was a new person. Many thanks to Jesus, I had actually been raised to a brand-new life here and now and also eternal life in heaven to come.”

Decades of spiritual highs and also soul-wrenching short followed.

Faith and redemption pat a far-reaching role in Travis’ life — and in his publication — however then so do demons and the singer’s regularly shameful choices. Come quote one of the artist’s most famous songs, his autobiography spends a fair amount of time “diggin’ up bones.”

The publication title — “Forever and also Ever, Amen” — payment tribute to Travis’ biggest hit.

As the gritty rigid notes, the neotraditional singer to be born as Randy Bruce Traywick on may 4, 1959, in the tiny town the Marshville, N.C. Frequently in trouble through the regulation as a teen, Travis clashed with his alcoholic father, Harold Traywick, yet considered his mother, Bobbie Traywick, a saint.

“Even though us were not consistent church attenders — she periodically went come Hamilton Crossroads Baptist Church and also later to Fountain joined Methodist Church — she tried her ideal to instill biblical worths in every one of us kids, worths such together kindness, truthfulness, honesty, humility, and also integrity,” Travis writes. “She read the bible to us, and she make the efforts to display grace and mercy.”

Even after ~ washing far his sins, Travis encountered a messy divorce, jae won woes (the publication blames his first wife/manager because that squandered millions), anger administration issues and also drinking difficulties that caused ugly tabloid headlines.

Most famously, he came to be intoxicated in 2012 through a mix the wine and also an Ambien resting pill prescribed come his ex-wife. He confirmed up naked in ~ a Texas convenience store asking for cigarettes. Police arrested that a quick time later on after he crashed his car.

“She do the efforts her finest to instill biblical worths in every one of us kids, worths such as kindness, truthfulness, honesty, humility, and also integrity,”

“Some people seem to think the being a Christian method nothing negative will ever happen come you,” observes the seven-time Grammy compensation winner, who has sold an ext than 25 million country and gospel albums. “I haven’t found that to be true in mine life. Yet I have uncovered that even when an overwhelming times come or unexplainable occasions occur, Jesus never ever leaves or forsakes us.”

Just together Travis was putting his life back together in 2013, he endured a near-fatal stroke the left him through aphasia, a condition that boundaries his capability to speak or sing.

But Travis and also his second wife, Mary, clung come the Lord together they functioned to overcome his physical and spiritual challenges, together his memoir conveys in faith-affirming detail.

Near the finish of “Forever and also Ever, Amen,” Randy Travis it is intended a article to the devil: regardless of all his past sins, Travis has actually overcome the darkness “by the blood that the Lamb.”

“In the surname of Jesus, Satan, take your hands off me,” the singer tells the tempter. “I nothing belong to you anymore. Jesus bought and also paid for my soul, and I belong to Him.”

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