GrubHub is one of the few online delivery services that permit you come pay with cash. That’s simply one the the factors why it’s such a versatile and also attractive option. If you’re worried about feeding your credit transaction card info into an digital app, don’t worry.

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Choose to develop Your Account at the bottom the the screen.
Choose to produce Your Account as soon as you get in all the important information.
Log into your account ~ above the website or the app.
Select the correct deal with from the popup list.
After picking a restaurant, its food selection will open. Uncover some food friend like and choose your easily accessible options.
The food selection reappears. Select extr menu items and customize them together well. When ready, insanity or click “View order” to review all items.
When you end up your order, tap “Proceed to checkout” top top the website or iPhone/Android mobile app.

Frequently inquiry Questions

How execute I discover out i m sorry restaurants take cash?

Unfortunately, GrubHub doesn’t do it simple to check out which payment techniques the agency accepts. The only main option is to load up your cart and see what payment methods obtain displayed. But, you can likewise check the reviews. Back it’s probably much faster to examine the bag, you may see something that indicates the payment option.

I don’t see an option to pay v cash; why not?

If the option doesn’t show up for cash, climate the restaurant does not sell the option. Of course, you could always call the restaurant directly and also see if they offer any type of delivery services where you could pay v cash. Ultimately, the company offers the cash choice assuming everyone involved is willing to accept the risk. These days the is quite a risk to take it for little businesses and Grubhub drivers.

Why can’t the delivery driver salary the restaurant and also I salary the driver back?

Aside indigenous the reality that this put the delivery driver at threat of paying for someone’s order, it also forces lock to lug cash that might not be for sure either. Grubhub’s main policy says that no driver have the right to pay because that a customer’s order and also they certainly won’t be reimbursed because that it if they do.

Cash Is still King

Some people shot to refuse the an easy fact the cash still reigns supreme. Sure, currently we have actually Bitcoin and many other modern-day payment methods, but nothing can ever substitute file bills. The only thing that’s far better than cash is gold since its value is permanent.

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Let’s no get brought away, though. Is there a reason why you want to stick to cash? execute you find it much more convenient? must all online distribution services accept cash? Feel complimentary to comment on those and also other connected topics in the comments ar below.