Tourette"s Guy is an alleged Tourette"s Syndrome sufferer named Danny who usually wears a neckbrace, constantly shouts ridiculous phrases like "fuck salt", "don"t talk shit about Total", and uses "Oh Bob Saget" as a euphemism. It is unclear whether he actually has Tourette"s syndrome.

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In September of 2004, the website tourettesguy.com was launched that featured Danny"s videos. The website is now defunct, but has a new home at thetourettesguy.tv.<1>


The first series of Tourette"s Guy YTMND"s were uploaded by user maikeyboy in April of 2005.<2> It became a popular YTMND fad, and spawned several derivatives.<5> Danny"s videos spread through ebaumsworld in 2004, and finally made it to YouTube when uploaded by user strenliz on December 8th, 2005.<3>

Death Rumors

According to the YTMND wiki, The official Tourette"s Guy website claimed that Danny died in 2007:

On August 4th, 2007, Tourettesguy.com released a statement, saying that Danny, the Tourettes Guy had passed away a couple of days after being released out of the hospital, from a car accident. It was later claimed that he was just in prison.

However, a video was posted to YouTube claiming to be from 2008 shows Danny clearly alive.

A thread in the Facepunch forums dicusses evidence that the death was faked.<4> The site thetourettesguy.tv has released videos since his death that they claim are new, indicating that he is alive and well.

Tourette"s Syndrome

The official Tourette"s Guy website claims that Danny has been diagnosed with the disorder:

Although The Tourettes Guy HAS been diagnosed as having Tourettes Syndrome, the name "The Tourettes Guy" is simply a nick name that internet fans have given him and this is NOT a documentary about Tourettes Syndrome. As a matter of fact, the fact that he has Tourettes Syndrome has only been mentioned once in the entire series of videos. (In one of the interview scenes the person interviewing him mentions that he has had Tourettes Syndrome for over 30 years.) Not everything that The Tourettes Guy says or does is necessarily due to him having Tourettes Syndrome and it"s important to note that not everyone with Tourettes Syndrome cusses and wears a neckbrace and a Tony The Tiger T-Shirt. He is holding a beer in most of the scenes, so it is highly likely that alcohol has a strong influence over his behavior.<1>

Best Of Tourette"s Guy

More can be found in the video gallery.

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Tourette"s guy is also fairly popular among YouTube Poop creators such as Temeku and DreamToNightmare.