It is the convention the some nations to put their currency symbol prior to the number, if others put it after ~ the number.

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At least one nation has put it in the middle.

So you can assume, in the absence of any type of context, the the 20$ is a different money to $20.


In betterworld2016.org, the dollar sign is placed prior to the amount, therefore the exactly order is $20, as others have noted.

However, when you see world using 20$, it"s most likely they"re being influenced by a few different things:

Many other nations (and the Canadian province of Quebec) placed the money symbol after the amountIn talked betterworld2016.org the word dollars adheres to the amount, e.g. twenty dollarsThe sign for cents is put after the amount: 25¢

Because of this inconsistencies, composing 20$ is a an extremely common mistake. I"ve been well-known to execute it myself.


In American betterworld2016.org, the currency symbol is placed prior to the amount; the exact same is true because that British betterworld2016.org.It is $20, not 20$.


The ar of the currency depends ~ above the language in which it appears.

For instance, betterworld2016.org texts must use "€ 20" when French ones need to use "20 €".

As others have mentioned in passing, those are not the only two possibilities. In France at least, friend sometimes discover prices written as 19€95, together an alternate to 19,95€ (and yes, the decimal separator there is the comma).

In Argentina other countries it"s the same, $20, i think it"s the most widely offered convention. Wake up the exact same with Euro €20.If friend think of it as a unit (Not sure if it"s considered as such) climate it"s the just unit I deserve to think of the comes prior to the number. Take into consideration 23 cm, 6 in, 2"

Edit: removed a point out to a country which doesn"t seem come be relevant to this site and the betterworld2016.org language.

$20 is conventional, yet to throw a wrench in the entirety thing: if it is casual correspondence, either way is OK.

For dollars, the correct means is $20. As soon as I check out 20$ it means the writer was thinking "twenty dollars" (not "dollars twenty") and accordingly it is natural to type 20$ and if the writer is feeling lazy she will certainly not backspace to correct it. Laziness is more common in casual contexts.

Why all the overcomplication? The distinction is that, in betterworld2016.org, $20 is the correct method to use the disagreement sign, when 20$ is one incorrect means to usage the dollar sign. That"s all there is to it.

Other languages and also currencies are irrelevant come the question. Heck, how the cent sign is provided is irrelevant to the question, also though the is maybe the very same currency and also definitely the same language.

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I think that component of placing the symbol preceding the number is to aid differentiate between dollars and cents. The dissension symbol always precedes, when the cent symbol constantly follows. If both were to followed, this might potentially become confusing, together a roughly written S v a upright strike can be mistaken because that a c with a upright strike.

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Why is the unit of measure up placed prior to the worth for currencies? are there other actions where the unit precedes value?
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