Making your very own Chai concentrate at home means you can make this warming spiced tea to fit your exact personal tastes and it’s far less complicated than you could think. Make sweetened or unsweetened and readjust the flavors to your personal taste. Use any kind of milk or non-dairy instead of you like and also serve it hot or over ice.

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Homemade Chai Concentrate. This recipe is nearly 7 years old, at this point, and also it’s tho a significant favorite the mine. It’s therefore so straightforward to make and you can customize your own recipe to exactly what you are trying to find in your chai. I favor mine spicy, through a solid tea flavor and with a ethereal sweetness, if any type of at all. Ns personally find the packaged chai concentrates native the grocery store and at many coffee shops to really absence that quite spiced flavor ns love and also many time they space just much too sweet for me. Many are loaded through preservatives and other less than desirable ingredients. Why though?

Chai is just one of my favorite, comforting drinks to cozy up with, specifically in the cooler months. Plus, through the holidays top top us, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is the perfect thoughtful handmade gift to party up and give to her chai-loving friends. Package with a cute brand (FREE download included below for mine printable labels you can easily customize) or label and also enjoy the smiles and also praise.



Years back when I first developed this recipe ns looked around and tested loads of different chai recipes and ultimately settled on producing this customized recipe based upon my own an individual favorite chai tastes. I have actually made it plenty of times now to gain it precisely how I want it. As soon as I very first started do my own chai, I generally opted for coconut sugar and a tiny quality raw love husband in in ~ the end. These days ns am not lot one for the sweet stuff, for this reason I generally go without any sweetener at all or sometimes I add just a little bit of raw love husband at the end. Maple syrup would likewise likely be quite delicious, too. You can likewise stir in a small monk fruit or stevia, it’s truly approximately you how you desire to sweeten your tradition chai concentrate or if you want to at all.



Much favor the sweetness, the alternatives to customize space up come you. Many chai recipes are made without black pepper at all and also some with just a tad bit of floor pepper. Ns personally yes, really love the spiciness native the pepper for this reason I include in totality peppercorns. Leave the end if that’s not your thing. I likewise really love the addition of orange zest and also nutmeg in mine chai. Yet what i really ns love is the there space absolute no rules as soon as making your very own chai concentrate. Use this chai recipe together a guide, yet tweak together you’d like and get the ratio of ingredients to your preference. Have actually fun v it.



You have the right to serve her chai warm as a hot latte or cold together an iced latte. One of two people way, ns go v a 1 to 1 mixture on the chai concentrate to a non-dairy milk. I favor homemade almond or cashew milk, personally, but you could use continual milk or any other non-dairy milk. If you favor your chai a bit much less strong, use less tea bags, or mix 1 part concentrate to 3 components milk instead of 1 or 2. Beat around. If you are favor me, after ~ you make this once and also take the very first sip, you will certainly be sure to always have a batch in the fridge.

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Cloudy Chai?

If your finished, cooled chai is a bit an ext cloudy, keep in mind that nothing is wrong v it and it will taste simply fine. This has to do v the natural oils and also tannins in the tea (higher quality tea also generally has an ext tannins). They’ll develop a cloudy finished product, if girlfriend don’t cool it come room temperature before refrigerating, as the tannins settle. The may also be her water, if it’s high in minerals, opt because that a top quality filtered water for a much less cloudy tea. And sometimes, it just happens, even with cooling properly and also quality water, so please note, nevertheless of the cause, cloudy tea may not be together pretty, but, it’s still perfectly fine to drink.


Gifting your Chai

This Homemade Chai Tea Concentrate would make a lovely vacation gift in a mason jar v a cute tag, part ribbon or twine, etc. Another good gift idea would be come pre-mix every one of the spices and also place them with the tea bags right into a cute small cheesecloth pouch for an adorable chai concentration mix packet, so your recipient have the right to make their concentration whenever lock wish, adding or acquisition away any type of spices of your choosing. Girlfriend would just want to instead of dried ginger for fresh and skip the orange zest. And of course carry out the recipient v the adhering to instructions ::: To make her chai concentrate, ar 4 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup coconut, day or raw cane or various other granulated street in a tool sized sauce pan. Lug to a boil. Reduce warm to a simmer and place the cheesecloth pouch in. Simmer because that 20 minutes, remove the pouch, then stir in 1 tablespoon of honey (optional). Allow to cool prior to pouring that in one air chop container or jar and placing in the fridge to cool. Keeps up to 7 days. For a latte, hot or cold, mix one part concentrate come one part milk of her choice, warmth up or serve over ice. :::

PS – ns am loving the comments around using the concentrate in various other things choose baked goods or making a syrup indigenous it. Therefore brilliant, i didn’t even think of that. Great ideas!