Why is mine Roblox therefore laggy, also on great PC?! You may wonder. Actually, you’re not alone. A number of players have actually reported that they suffer inconsistent frames and lag while playing Roblox. Then just how to settle Roblox lag? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered some fixes because that you.

Try these fixes:

You can not have actually to shot them all; just work your method down the list until you uncover the one the works.

But prior to diving into troubleshooting, it’s recommended the you restart your pc and accessibility the video game again. Some lags on Roblox are easily resolved by simply restarting the game.

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Fix 1: near unnecessary programs

The video game lagging is typically a authorize of a slow-moving game. This have the right to be caused by having too countless high-power programs utilizing your system resources. Because that the many optimal experience, the is encourage that when you operation Roblox, you close those other programs. To execute this, take these steps:

1) press Ctrl + Shift + Esc with each other on your key-board to create Task Manager.

2) indigenous the Processes tab, click the programs that you desire to avoid from to run one through one and also click End task.

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4) click the Local folder.


5) click on the Roblox folder. (Folders are provided in alphabet order.)6) click the versions folder to open up it.7) Click the latest version folder. This is called version- v a variation number at the end of it. 8) Click the PlatformContent.9) Click the PC folder.10) Click the textures folder.11) except for the studs and also wangIndex folders, delete those other folders.12) Empty your recycling bin. Right-click ~ above the recycling bin icon top top your desktop computer and click Empty Recycle Bin.


After taking all the steps, play a Roblox game. You’re claimed to have the ability to have your video game performance improved.

Hopefully, this short article could help you reduce Roblox lag and also you have the right to have a much better gaming experience! If, unfortunately, all else fails, friend should take into consideration reinstalling Roblox.

If friend have any type of ideas or questions, please leave a comment below. We’d love come hear from you!