Places aren't haunted. Civilization are haunted. Fatality isn't the end… it's the beginning.

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Richard “Rick” Payne
First appearanceLast appearancePortrayed byInformationNickname(s)GenderOccupationSpouse(s)
“Love never ever Dies”
Jay Mohr
Rick, Ricky, Payne
Professor at Rockland University
Kate Payne (wife; deceased)

Rick Payne is a professor in ~ Rockland University depicted by Jay Mohr. He is a widower, his wife, Kate, having died in a crane accident before his an initial appearance in the series.

At the beginning of season two, Melinda Gordon an initial seeks stack Payne’s help to save her deceased friend, Andrea Marino, that is being attacked by a dark spirit, Ramano. She find him teaching an occult course at Rockland University. She continues to look for Rick’s help for assorted paranormal cases throughout the rest of the season. Rick an initial meets Melinda’s husband, Jim Clancy, once Melinda recommends Jim talk to him around a ghost. The is in “The Night we Met” that Rick an initial questions Melinda about whether or no she believes she has supernatural abilities, and meets Melinda’s close friend and co-worker, Delia Banks. The is just in the illustration “Cat’s Claw”, the Melinda ultimately informs rick of she abilities. Come the season finale, Rick and Melinda are seen working very closely make the efforts to number out who Gabriel Lawrence, a dark Ghost Whisperer, really is. Rick, Jim, and also Melinda walk as far as breaking right into Gabriel’s home. The is also revealed Rick’s wife, Kate, is a ghost who operated for the dark sidebut would later on cross over into the light after telling her husband a an enig she had actually been maintaining from him due to the fact that she died.

The character joins the main actors in season three. Come the beginning of this season, Rick shows up to it is in worried about Melinda after her near fatality experience. He likewise works a large deal more with Melinda on some things. In “The weight of What Was”, Rick, Jim, and Delia all travel right into old Grandview to shot finding Melinda. Jim and also Delia room aided by a ghost named Tessa, who is an ancestor of Melinda’s, and locate the trapped Melinda. Rick also helps Melinda search town fatality records because that information about Tessa, that at the moment Melinda thought to be Gabriel’s mother, though a team of ghosts attempt to stop them indigenous finding anything. In “Double Exposure”, Rick’s date and also co-worker, Claudia, is haunted by a ghost who makes it therefore she cannot appear in any type of pictures.

It seems Rick had actually somewhat the a like on Melinda when they an initial met, plainly embarrassed by whatever he stated to her, afraid it might sound stupid. The crush kind of went away after that met Jim, Melinda’s husband, but they remain very close friends.

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Abrasive in ~ times, Professor stack Payne is often perceived together obnoxious on very first impression, however most that the time, he way well. Sarcastic and sometimes insensitive, he has actually a tendency to scream randomly and also hates to be woken increase by late night phone call calls. Even though the doesn’t appreciate the title, he is pretty well known as a genius, sprouting useless info at times. He is admitted that he talks a lot when he’s nervous, yet as anyone that knows him will certainly tell you, he talks a lot whether he is nervous or not. Professor Payne is quick witted and also highly intelligent, taking delight in stroked nerves people and also considers the reaction he gets from gift rude amusing. The feels that he is taken for granted also often, and also likes to tell civilization this. (Though some think it is just a method to make others feel sorry for him.) He has actually a specific charm, despite his ability to annoy even those v saintly amounts of patience, and also he is a an excellent friend come those who can stand to stick through him.