last season on Ghost Whisperer we said goodbye to stack Payne (Jay Mohr) and also hello come Eli James (Jamie Kennedy). Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) finds the end she"s pregnant when Jim (David Conrad) is shot and also turns into Sam/Jim. The publication of transforms shows up and also we learn around "The Watchers." together the season closes, we discover out Melinda is having a young whose abilities will certainly be higher than her own.

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As the season starts through the illustration "Birthday Presence," we discover Jim and an extremely anxious Melinda worried around the bear of your child. Together the book noted last year, her boy would it is in born top top September 25th, 2009. (Lucky because that us, that is the air-date the this episode.) Worrying about the wellness of she child, Melinda top to the hospital where complications arise and her child, Aiden (Connor Gibbs), must instantly be yielded via C-section.

After a commercial and also a five year jump, we return to a child"s party. As much more is revealed, we find out that it"s Aiden"s fifth birthday. Eventually, we accomplish up through all our favorite actors members and also find the end what they"re approximately after so much time has passed.

Melinda is pretty lot the same, but now a mother. Jim is a complete fledged doctor. Ned (Christoph Sanders) is in college with Eli as one of his professors. Delia (Camryn Manheim) is currently the belle that the round with many suitors vying for her attention. Sadly, nothing lot has adjusted with Eli.

After recording up v our acquainted friends, we"re on come the ghost the the week. This ghost is a mrs who has actually been visiting Aiden ~ above his birthday yearly to song "Happy Birthday." After part "Scooby-doo-ing" native the team, we find that the ghost is that a woman who was pregnant and also in the hospital at the specific same time Melinda offered birth. Sadly, the woman passed away while offering birth.

as the illustration continues, we uncover out the the ghost woman believed her child passed away at birth and also that Aiden had actually received the soul of her child. What actually occurred was that her kid survived and also was provided to part adoptive parents the she had actually originally make arrangements with. There was some drama between her and the adoptive father pressuring her to organize up her finish of the agreement and give them she child. The illustration goes right into it some more, but that was normally the gist the it.

The main thing we learn from this illustration is that no only have the right to Aiden watch spirits, but he is an empath; an interpretation that he can sense, feel and relive emotions and events the those that connects with. That is also able come project occasions to his mother, Melinda. In this episode, that relives the moment of fatality from the ghost mom which reasons him to stop breathing.


Oh, Ghost Whisperer, what has happened to thee. Watching this illustration I am hard pressed to find anything the originally attracted me to this series. Not only deserve to three world on the show communicate with spirits, however now they"re having every son able to interact with ghosts as well. Mix that with the whole "Book of Changes" storyline and the enhancement of "The Watchers" and I need to make certain I"m quiet watching the exact same show. Sure, the whispering to ghost"s aspect is tho there, however it feels much less that and an ext of a super hero show.

Touching top top the "Five year jump" - I"m totally comfortable with the television collection jumping ahead multiple years and showing us what the personalities are increase too... However at the end that a collection when the display is completely over. The fact that they did it in the center of the series is just mind boggling.

For the past 4 years, we"ve monitor Melinda v all she ghost adventures. In those four years, we have seen everything and anything take place to her. Now, we"re led to believe that the 5 year jump in she life holds no exciting stories? She had actually a friend die, airplane crash, angry brother, ghosts trying come killer her... And then all of a sudden she life goes quiet for five years? I"m not buying it and also have no idea why they think I would.

I feel prefer they cheated and also instead the actual personality development, they just jumped 5 years and also since noþeles can happen in 5 years, they can write their method out that anything lock didn"t favor previously.

The totality child storyline has me perplexed, yet I"ll give it a chance. Ns feel choose the as whole Melinda storyline the the display was never finished and now with the enhancement of her child, it never will be.

I apologize the my all at once tone seems to be less that positive, but for the past year I"ve watch Ghost Whisperer walk in the dorn direction. With the start of this new season, ns don"t feel favor that has readjusted at all, but...

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I still have actually hope.

after ~ watching, what room your thoughts on the season premiere? perform you favor where they"re acquisition Ghost Whisperer? What did you think around the five year jump?