I've really wanted to shot those hair dissolving creams but my mum and other people said the it makes your hair grow ago thicker. Is this actually true? walk anyone use Nair? Pls help!!


No hair removal renders hair grow ago thicker. It’s not a thing. Occasionally some hair removed methods can make hair look at darker or thicker since it’s a blunt edge (like shaving).

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This is a myth! exactly how coarse and also thick her hair grows is as much as genetics and also nothing else. You deserve to make your hair grow ago thinner by damaging the hair follicle (waxing and also tweezing), however that takes years and I’m not sure if dilapidation creams choose Nair would do the same thing.

But if you wanting to remove hair by the root, I’d imply epilating. One epilator is essentially a maker with a bunch that tweezers the pull hair out. That does hurt in ~ first, yet no much more than a wax, and also it gets far better over time. I also prefer it due to the fact that it’s a one time cost and doesn’t operation the threat of providing me a chemistry burn (Nair) or getting wax stuck to me.

Nair is def the many convenient option though, and also worth a shot if girlfriend don’t desire to drop $40 on one epilator!

Haha thanks! I've heard epilators yes, really hurt despite :/// I'll look right into it haha and now that i think about it, chemistry burns don't sound good haha

That's a myth about shaving, it shouldn't carry out that come you. I have used nair plenty of times and also it works favor a charm

Nair, as well as other surface hair removal approaches (such as shaving) don't in reality act on the follicle but rather get rid of the surface ar of the hair that has sprouted end the skin surface. The hair is still there on the follicle and will continue to grow. That may provide the illustration of gift "thicker" or growing back faster 보다 if you had actually tweezed or waxed it, but that's a misunderstanding of exactly how hair removed (and hair regrowth) works. As soon as you shave, you create a dull edge on her hair which will certainly become noticeable if it's allowed to keep growing undisturbed. Conversely, hair that has actually been permitted to grow without being blunted will have a tapered edge the will appear thinner and also softer come touch.

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To be ethical I don't recognize if Nair causes this appearance of thicker hair because I haven't offered it often enough: however, whenever I supplied it my hair grew earlier to that original length much quicker than as soon as I waxed that (again, because waxing rips the hair the end at the root) for this reason I quit using it.