How execute I discover out i m sorry stores bring your products?

You can discover Louisiana hot Sauce in numerous grocery stores. We recommend you shot our product locator: It will let you understand if/where every product have the right to be found near your zip code.

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Where have the right to I find your commodities that aren’t lugged in mine favorite grocery store store?

Why aren’t all of your assets in stores?

It is up to each separation, personal, instance chain to recognize which varieties they want to stock. Stores perform listen to customer requests, specifically when castle come in huge volumes, so we encourage client to talk to their neighborhood store manager and also request an ext varieties top top the shelf.

Can I purchase your products online? execute you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes! You can shop ours website to acquisition your favourite Louisiana hot Sauce commodities directly: We are only able to delivery orders within the continent United states at this time.

What creates of payment execute you accept online?

Our digital shop accepts credit transaction card payments – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and also Discover. You also have the choice to ar your order making use of Google salary or apologize Pay!

How carry out I deal with an concern with my online order?

Please answer to the stimulate or shipping confirmation email you received from united state or send an email describing your worry to orders with your order number in the subject line, and our team will get ago to friend as shortly as possible. For defense purposes, please execute not encompass your address, technique of payment provided or any other personal identifiable information in your email.

What is the shipping cost? do you have complimentary shipping?

Shipping expense depends top top the commodities you include to her cart and also where they room being shipped. If you add products to your cart on our website, you’ll be able to see the shipping cost. Us offer complimentary shipping on assignment of $50 or more.

What is your shipping policy?

The terms and conditions the constitute our Shipping Policy deserve to be uncovered here:

What is her refund/return policy?

We do not accept returned food items. The just items eligible for returns or exchanges space Louisiana warm Sauce apparel, was or accessories. Friend can find our complete Return plan here:

How deserve to I place a bulk/wholesale stimulate for an individual use?

We room not able come sell mass or food business sizes and also products to the public at this time. If you have a B2B food organization or commercial need for our product, please reach out to salesinquiry
Do you market a discount for mass orders?

We are unable to carry out discounts on bulk orders and recommend ordering the lot you’re looking for straight from ours website. If you have a B2B food business or industrial need for our product, you re welcome reach the end to salesinquiry
How can I call you about retail sales?

If she interested in talk to us around a sleeve sales opportunity, please head come our get In Touch page,, select the proper menu choice for retail Sales, and also send us your request. A member of our sales team will certainly be in touch soon.

How have the right to I call you about food service/industrial sales?

If you have a B2B (food service or industrial) sales inquiry, please reach the end to salesinquiry and also a member of ours sales team will certainly be in touch soon. You can likewise visit our food organization website,, for much more information on our custom experienced solutions.

Can friend send me a coupon or sample?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any type of coupons or samples we can mail out at this time. We’d love come hear about how lot you love our product, therefore feel complimentary to send us a message here,, and keep an eye ~ above our social media pages for any type of promotions or discounts we may run!

How is Louisiana warm Sauce made?

Our warm sauce continues to be made in new Iberia, Louisiana, the original Louisiana way, whereby aged peppers are combined with vinegar and also salt, and then left come ferment during the aging procedure – a process that stays unchanged for over 90 years!

How go Louisiana warm Sauce rank in Scoville heat Units (SHU)?

Here’s the order of our hot sauces from least to hottest:Jalapeno – 600-1,200 SHURed Chili – 1,000-1,800 SHUChipotle – 1,000-2,000 SHURoasted Garlic – 1,000-2,000 SHURoasted Pepper – 1,000-2,000 SHUOriginal Louisiana hot Sauce – 1,000-2,000 SHUOriginal wing Sauce – 1,000-2,000 SHUHotter Than hot – 2,000-2,500 SHUHabanero – 3,000-4,000 SHU

Does it must be refrigerated?

It is not necessary to refrigerate Louisiana hot Sauce. It is simply simply a an individual preference.

What’s the shelf life?

Our hot sauce has actually a five-year shelf life from once it is made, and our wing sauce has actually a two-year shelf life from once it is made. That said, we have a pretty strong feeling the you’ll complete it means before the “Best By” day stamped ~ above the bottle.

How is the finest By date formatted?

For our U.S. Products, the expiration day is formatted together Month/Year. Because that our Canada labeled products, the expiration day is formatted as Year/Month/Day.

Can I usage your product past the best By date?

We advise discarding any kind of product that has passed its finest By date. Us cannot guarantee the taste or power of the product as soon as the date has passed.

Did you make a readjust to the size of the bottle opening?

We recently made a adjust to the size of the feet in the dripper fitment.

Do you have actually Louisiana warm Sauce merchandise?

Yes, we have actually a choice of merchandise and accessories accessible for our pan to purchase. You can discover them in our virtual store:

Does Louisiana hot Sauce save on computer any significant allergens?

Per USDA/FDA guidelines, it is compelled that we list all major allergens ~ above the label. You can uncover all ingredient and also nutrition information noted for every product on our website.

Is Louisiana warm Sauce suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Please check the ingredient statement on our products to watch if the ingredients enhance your dietary preferences. Our commodities without sugar are vegan suitable, yet none of our Louisiana warm Sauce formulas space certified vegan. Part sugar carriers use a an approach to filter the sugar described as “bone char,” i m sorry is not acceptable to those who favor a vegetable diet.

Is that organic/all natural?

Our Louisiana hot Sauce assets are no organic. We perform not usage “all natural” cases on ours products.

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Is Louisiana warm Sauce halal certified?

Yes, the distilled vinegar offered in Louisiana hot Sauce is acceptable for use in halal-certified products.

I have a concern that no addressed. What need to I do?

Feel free to send united state a keep in mind through our get In Touch page,, or give us a contact at (800) 334-4468. We will respond to your inquiry as shortly as us can!



ProductProduct NameThe original Louisiana Brand hot Sauce | 3ozThe original Louisiana Brand warm Sauce | 6ozThe initial Louisiana Brand warm Sauce | 12ozThe initial Louisiana Brand hot Sauce | 32ozThe initial Louisiana Brand warm Sauce | 1 GallonLouisiana hot Sauce - Habanero | 3ozLouisiana hot Sauce - Chipotle | 3ozLouisiana hot Sauce - Roasted Garlic | 3ozLouisiana warm Sauce - Roasted Pepper | 3ozLouisiana warm Sauce - Jalapeno | 3ozLouisiana hot Sauce - Sweet warmth with love husband | 6ozLouisiana hot Sauce - name is Than hot | 6ozThe original Louisiana Brand wing Sauce | 12ozThe original Louisiana Brand wing Sauce | 64ozLouisiana Brand Diced Jalapeños | 12ozLouisiana Brand Sliced Jalapeño Peppers | 12ozLouisiana Brand totality Jalapeño Peppers | 12ozLouisiana Brand Tabasco Peppers in Vinegar | 6ozLouisiana gold Red Pepper Sauce through Tabasco Peppers | 2ozLouisiana gold Red Pepper Sauce with Tabasco Peppers | 5ozLouisiana Gold green Pepper Sauce with Tabasco Peppers | 2ozLouisiana Gold green Pepper Sauce v Tabasco Peppers | 5ozLouisiana gold Wasabi Pepper Sauce | 5ozLouisiana gold Horseradish Pepper Sauce | 5ozRed Rooster hot Sauce | 3ozRed Rooster hot Sauce | 6ozRed Rooster hot Sauce | 12ozRed Rooster warm Sauce | 1 Gallon