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Order KFC online.

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every the save you need at the click that a button. Order in ~ KFC’s virtual site and also you can skip the wait of bespeak in store. No every ar delivers, but check with your regional store to see if shipment or pickup are alternatives for you.Check out KFC’s society media.For exclusive online offers and info on your latest menu items, follow KFC top top Twitter or Instagram.Look for special promotional offers.KFC usually features promotional uses on their website, so examine for those before ordering for some extra tasty deals.

KFC has a food promise, and, in the promise, you’ll find that your food is anything however fast. In fact, the takes over 25 minutes for one batch of hand-breaded chicken to make it native KFC’s kitchen and into her bucket or boxed meal.

On optimal of that, KFC provides only the ideal chicken for their recipes. All of their chicken is 100% real and raised on U.S. Farms. Prior to it can even be yielded to their restaurants, KFC renders sure that every one of its chicken passes through the USDA because that a quality inspection. Your chicken will never come v any included hormones or steroids, and KFC relies greatly on FDA regulation to ensure that promise. Even better, brand-new regulations collection out by the civilization Health company (WHO) dictate the no chicken be elevated with antibiotics the are necessary to human medicine. As of January 1, 2019, every one of the chicken KFC purchases adheres to these guidelines.

Additionally, every dyes, fabricated colors, and artificial flavors have actually been removed from KFC’s main point products, barring anything that appears in soft drinks and other beverages and also third-party products.

Wait… Fresh?

Yes! Every batch beginning off v the cooks in ~ an outlet analyzing each item of chicken individually come make certain that it’s approximately snuff to feed to their customers. After that, each piece of chicken is rolled precisely 7 times in KFC’s an enig blend that 11 various spices. Finally, it’s rocked 7 times before the cooks pressure cook it in ~ a low temperature to help preserve that is finger lickin’ an excellent taste.

How go this work?

It’s pretty simple, actually: we here at Gift card Granny obtain you a discount because that a KFC gift card, and also then every you need to do is abide through The Colonel’s state for making use of gift cards.

What are the Colonel’s Terms?

Any gift card you purchase is reloadable, comes v no additional fees, and will never ever expire. Because that as lengthy as they’re quiet around, KFC will constantly honor your gift card.

So I can use my KFC gift card anytime and also anywhere?

Not quite. You have the right to use her gift map anytime, yet franchises have actually the ideal to select whether they do or perform not accept coupons and also gift cards for usage at their location. Some select not to. If girlfriend aren’t sure around where your neighborhood KFC stands, contact them and also ask.

But can I usage my KFC gift card on any kind of product?

Again, not quite. At any kind of location the accepts gift cards, girlfriend are cost-free to use it on anything, so lengthy as your order walk not incorporate alcohol. Some restaurants offer alcohol together with their food, and you’re welcome to purchase it, but you have to do so with a 2nd transaction outside of the one friend make through your gift card. Colonel’s rules.

Is there anything I can do if my gift card is lost or stolen?

As long as you have proof the purchase, KFC is an ext than happy to replace any type of lost or steal gift cards. Take it to your nearest restaurant, current your proof of purchase, and it will certainly be replaced in no time in ~ all!

Can I examine my gift map balance?

You can! Head to your local KFC, and they’ll be able to check the balance for you. You can likewise check ithere.

Once just a neighborhood eatery in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, KFC has because become the world’s most popular fried chicken restaurants through a corporate chain containing over 21,000 facilities in over 130 countries. The very first restaurant opened its doors in 1952, v the one and only Colonel Harland Sanders to run the kitchen and setting the world on fire v his world-famous initial Recipe®. Due to the fact that then, KFC has increased its menu to incorporate Extra Crispy™ chicken, Homestyle Sides, and Buttermilk Biscuits. And also best the all, there’s still a cook in every last KFC kitchen make fresh, delicious, and complete household meals for a price the they can all afford.

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