Sexually sent diseases (STDs) describe a team of transmittable diseases led to or spread by method of sex-related encounters. Countless STDs are asymptomatic in the beginning. That is command to point out that STDs room quite typical in people of all period groups. In other words, STDs may occur to anyone, yes also celebrities v STDs space common! many of the star studded figures have revealed the they have been struggling v various wellness issues. So numerous celebrities have battled through cancer and such illnesses; yet very couple of of them opened up up about their embarrassing conditions such together STDs.

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Male Celebrities with STDs

Although the news of celebrities fighting v sexually transmitted diseases is much less known; yet us were quiet able come compile a quick list because that our readers:

David Hasselhoff

He is thought about as the punch-line of the modern day generation. Hasselhoff was thought about a complete hottie on big screen and also television and also earned a many recognition because that his warm body and an excellent skillset. His infection became public ~ his divorce in 2006 as soon as his mam told out loud that Hasselhoff have actually genital herpes native the time before their marital relationship that took location in 1989.

Greg Louganis

Gold medalist that 1984, Louganis hit tough on the Olympic diving board. Later on that year it to be revealed the he to be HIV positive. However chlorine is qualified of killing HIV virus and also his blood gained diluted in countless water gallons, eliminating the danger for other divers. He ended up being a public face for two things: gift a gay athlete and being one HIV hopeful sports personality.

Tommy Morrison

He’s really successful boxer who supposedly had AIDS. Morrison’s test outcomes were optimistic for HIV in 1996. The very same year in February that disclosed in a push conference that he contract HIV due to a reckless, fast and permissive lifestyle. Morrison established KnockOut AIDS foundation to encourage recognition and fund raising. In 2007 his outcomes were negative for HIV. He passed away in 2013 and also his death may be connected with HIV/AIDS because his mom declared he was HIV positive whereas his mam denied the altogether.

Robin Williams

He’s famed for his awesome and also entertaining family members movies but things weren’t so an excellent for that in the beginning mainly because of his sex-related habits and unprotected practices. In the early on 80’s, a cocktail waitress sue him for giving her genital herpes if the two were in an extramarital affair, during Williams’ very first marriage. This case was cleared up outside the court which ideas that perhaps it was true. Or else it would have been settled inside the court.

Derek Jeter

Jeter has lugged upon some serious damages to the civilization by his renowned herpes tree. It has actually been guessed that the Captain has slept v women prefer Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson, who have supposedly passed the herpes to other world they slept through over the years. It’s like a whole growing tree that celebrities v STDs.

Female Celebrities through STDs

Jessica Alba


Alba is just one of the most desirable, riches yet at the very same time infected celebs. That is assumed that she gained her herpes from the companion Derek Jeter. It has been rumored the that she ex-boyfriend, Cash Warren’s employee supplied to get Alba’s Valtrex prescription filled regularly (supposedly because that the management of her Herpes).

Pamela Anderson


Anderson is struggling hard against Hepatitis C. Back in 2003 she opened up up around how she wasn’t meant to live higher than 10-15 year after she contracted the condition from Tommy Lee, her ex-husband. But recently she verified determination to fight it back and eliminate the virus once and for all.

Victoria Beckham


Former tape member the Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham is taken into consideration to be a ‘’Richie’’ through the approximated $7 million ring on she finger. The is rumored that Vic contracted her herpes from among the many groupie of she husband and so she is amongst the peak females celebrities v STDs.

Paris Hilton

Who is not mindful of the glamorous and also ravishing Paris Hilton? A prescription the Valtrex, supplied for the treatment of herpes, was uncovered in Hilton’s warehouse locker. Paris was the former professional heiress however was erased native the will; thanks to she questionable behavior. Clear it price her 50 million dollars plus! and also she to reduce 2 spots in the richest celebs list.

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Britney Spears


Britney Spears knows the art of living in the news. Spears was recorded purchasing Zovirax in Kentwood. Things were supposed to walk topsy turvy for poor Britney who experienced weight gain, head shaving, shedding her children and also drug problems. And she went pretty down on the cash list.