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Update: numerous folks space reporting AMEX has shut down their Bluebird and also Serve accounts through no notice. Update: do NOT load more than $500 per day come your offer at family members Dollar. There are reports that loading a second time outcomes in money being debited indigenous the gift card, but NOT gaining loaded come the serve card!

Are you wondering what to do currently that friend can’t fill Vanilla Visa cards to her Bluebird account in ~ Walmart anymore?

You deserve to now pack MasterCard & Visa gift cards to your American Express serve account at household Dollar stores.  This has Vanilla Visa cards!

In the miles and also points game, things are constantly changing. And there will constantly be brand-new ways to earn miles and points. I’ll display you how to perform it!

You deserve to Load Gift Cards to your American Express serve Account at family members Dollar

What’s Serve?

Link: American to express Serve

American Express offer is a prepaid card that works in a similar means to American to express Bluebird. Lot like one online financial institution account, girlfriend can make direct deposits, salary bills, send and also receive money, and withdraw cash for free at MoneyPass ATMs. However, it does no come with checks like Bluebird does.

The daily and also monthly loading limits for Serve room as follows:

Load using debit or gift cards (this consists of loading at household Dollar): $2,500 per day and $5,000 per monthOnline debit card fill (does NOT occupational with gift cards): $200 per day and $1,000 per monthOnline credit map load: $200 per day and $1,000 per monthLoad indigenous a checking or savings account: $2,000 per monthCheck deposit (using your mobile app): $2,000 per day and $10,000 per monthATM withdrawals: $750 per day and also $2,000 per month But friend CANNOT have a Serve and also Bluebird account at the SAME time. If you currently have a Bluebird account, you’ll need to call the number on the ago of the card and also cancel the account before you can sign-up for Serve. Be sure that her account has actually a zero balance prior to you release it.

This Flyertalk thread has a good wiki v instructions on the exact process for convert from Bluebird come Serve.

If you don’t have actually a Bluebird account, you deserve to sign-up for offer online, or purchase a short-lived card at 1 the the following stores:

CVSDuane ReadeFamily DollarFred’s supervisor DollarOffice DepotSheetzWalgreensWalmart

How does This Work?

The folks in ~ Serve newly sent an email announcing complimentary cash reloads at family members Dollar.  but this additionally includes making use of debit and gift cards to fill your Serve!

You can buy gift cards with PINs (which occupational like debit cards) v a miles and also points earning credit card, then pack the gift cards into your serve account!

Free Cash and Gift card Reloads at family members Dollar! Update: execute NOT load an ext than $500 per day come your serve at family Dollar. There are reports the loading a 2nd time outcomes in money gift debited indigenous the gift card, but NOT getting loaded come the offer card!

Or you have the right to pay countless bills (via the virtual bill salary system) friend can’t generally pay through a credit card (like rent, mortgages, college student loans, utilities, or credit transaction cards).

This could help you fulfill the minimum spending needs to gain credit card sign-up bonuses.

Here’s just how You do It

Link: household Dollar keep Locator

I saw my local household Dollar to offer it a try, and also it worked! all Visa & MasterCard gift cards (which permit you set a PIN) should job-related – consisting of One Vanilla and also Vanilla Visa gift cards.

Step 1: find the Gift map Rack

Go come the gift card rack and also find a unique Vanilla Reload card.

You don’t *have* to find this Vanilla Reload card and can simply go come the cashier and ask to reload your offer card.

Find the Gift map Rack at household Dollar

This Vanilla Reload map is the sort that can’t be removed from the store. It looks like a regular Vanilla Reload map which you have the right to load online however if you rotate it around, you’ll view that it isn’t.

Find the distinct Vanilla Reloads on the Gift card Rack

They’ll say “Do Not remove From Store: view Cashier to Purchase” on the back.

These Vanilla Reloads Are different From the people We’re supplied To!

If friend can’t discover 1, ask the cashier (just say you desire to reload your offer card) and they should have a barcode behind the checkout respond to they deserve to scan instead. Ns was NOT be charged the $3.95 reload fee.

Step 2: bring the Vanilla Reload, Your serve Card, and also Your Gift map to the Cashier

I visited the cashier with the one-of-a-kind Vanilla Reload card. ~ scanning the card, I had the ability to swipe my serve card, then swipe the gift map (which works choose a debit card). And also the gift map worked!

Note that you will have actually to go into your pen to finish the transaction.

The Gift Card pack Was Approved!

You need to keep the receipt until you confirm that the money is in your serve account. I gained an prompt email alert that the money was in the offer account!

Out that curiosity, ns tried to load my Bluebird card v a gift card utilizing the exact same method. The transaction to be declined.

This method Does NOT work-related With Bluebird

So if you desire to pack gift cards at family members Dollar, you’ll have to get a serve account.

But this is a good solution for those folks that were left v Vanilla Visa gift cards lock couldn’t load to their Bluebird anymore at Walmart! Remember, Vanilla Visa gift cards are most basic to use since you set the pen the 1st time you use it.

Update: perform NOT load an ext than $500 per day come your serve at household Dollar. There space reports the loading a 2nd time results in money being debited indigenous the gift card, but NOT acquiring loaded come the offer card!

Bottom Line

You deserve to buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards with a credit transaction card to knife miles and also points, then load the gift map onto your serve account at family members Dollar.

You’ll require to find a distinct Vanilla Reload card for the cashier come scan, or questioning the cashier to usage the barcode they keep behind the counter. Climate you can swipe your serve card and also load it through a gift card!

Serve is a great way to salary bills the can’t normally be paid with a credit transaction card. And also you can withdraw cash for cost-free at MoneyPass ATMs.

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Please permit me know if you try this method in the comments, and also mention the kind of gift map you used.