Can’t shop at the nearest dollar Tree store because it’s as well far? need a bunch of supplies for a party or gathering? do the efforts to discover a means to share up top top crafting provides for your tiny business? has obtained your back! here are some commonly Asked questions you can want to know before you order online from disagreement Tree.

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Placing an digital Order

Let’s break it down so you have the right to see exactly how to ar an order indigenous Dollar Tree online. This simple FAQ and introductory (101) short article will aid you learn exactly how to order online from dollar Tree!

FREE* In-Store Pickup! *Restrictions may apply.

How to location an order online from disagreement Tree?

Dollar Tree has actually a the majority of its products obtainable online. Just uncover the items you wish to purchase by making use of the find box or the navigation on optimal of the site.

After deciding which item to purchase, add them to your shopping cart and check out. Disagreement Tree accepts payments via American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and also PayPal Credit.If you have any type of concerns v your virtual purchase, you deserve to reach dissension Tree’s 24/7 client Order Support. Send a customer help type or contact their hotline in ~ 1-877-530-8733.


What room the next measures after placing my order?

After girlfriend have effectively placed her order, you will receive an bespeak confirmation email that includes the full information of her purchase. Here, you will have the ability to see your order number and also your package’s estimated delivery date.

You will obtain an Order confirmation email as soon as your package is yielded to the disagreement Tree save you determined upon placing her order. Friend will require to existing this email and also your driver’s license or any state-issued photo ID to the keep to insurance claim your order.

For more information, you deserve to visit dollar Tree’s In-Store Pickup page.

Can i purchase things with a particular color, size, and also quantity at largely offers item in full situation quantities. These items are likewise not enabled to be separated, mixed, or divided. If you need a certain item in a certain quantity, it’s finest to visit the dissension Tree store close to you.

I desire to order an object in bulk, but I can’t find it top top the website. What have to I do?

You can contact Dollar Tree’s client Support center at 1-877-530-8733. It would certainly be great if you understand the finish 2-6 number SKU or 2-digit UPC code of the items you want to purchase.

Can I just purchase mass orders online?

Most commodities at space only easily accessible in instance quantities. However, they likewise have details products obtainable for “smaller quantities”. Friend can inspect the list of assets purchasable for smaller quantities here.

If the product you desire to purchase is included on the list, girlfriend are enabled to select your wanted quantity (note that quantity alternatives will tho vary based upon each product).

Technical Issues

Are you having technical issues? right here are some frequently asked questions and answers the will help you solve any technical issues you could find when ordering online from dollar Tree.

What have to I do if ns can’t continue with my digital purchase as result of technical issues?

For any kind of technical issues, you can report them automatically to dollar Tree’s 24/7 customer support. Submit a client help type or dial 1-877-530-8733.

Billing and also Payment Options

When it comes to shopping online many retailers have similar processes. Let’s take it a look at Dollar Tree and also see exactly how they to compare in the billing and payments room to the other stores you choose to shop native online!

Does dissension Tree accept acquisition orders?

No. Disagreement Tree doesn’t accept acquisition orders together of the moment.

If I use my credit transaction or debit card, once will the charge show up on my account?

After placing her order, you’ll have actually a “pending transaction” in her account. You will just be in reality charged when Dollar Tree has shipped your order.

Can I get wholesale prices or discounts by ordering in ~

Since dissension Tree’s assets are already affordable, lock don’t market wholesale price or discounts. Every items are still simply $1 each.

My stimulate is no yet processed, however I currently have pending fees on mine account. Why did this happen?

If you encounter this issue, report it automatically to dissension Tree through submitting a customer assist form.

Shipping and also Delivery

The best component of shopping virtual is as soon as the item arrive, right?! So right here are some introductory questions and also details around the shipping and delivery process when ordering native Dollar Tree online.

What are the shipping options at

You can choose free shipping to a dissension Tree near you.

You additionally have the option to obtain it yielded to your company or house address. It will be shipped via UPS Ground, and also you will have to pay the shipping fee.

Can ns ship my virtual order to any kind of Dollar keep for free?

Dollar Tree has an ext than 6300 shop nationwide. You have the right to view our keep locator to uncover the store nearest you.

Do I need to call my favored Dollar tree keep to notify them of my pick-up date?

You don’t have actually to. Castle will also receive email notifications around the details of her order.

Why can’t ns ship my order come the store close to my area?

Dollar Tree has 12 circulation Centers. If this happens, the product you’re ordering might be out of share in the DC the delivers to your neighborhood store. Hence, her order will be fulfilled by another DC. It will certainly be shipped v UPS, and you’ll need to pay the shipping fee.


Does disagreement Tree delivery internationally?

No. Disagreement Tree only sells and also ships to the contiguous 48 united States, us Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Can ns ship mine order to P.O. Box or APO/FPO/DPO military addresses?

No. Disagreement Tree does no ship to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO/DPO armed forces addresses together of the moment.

Should I usage my UPS account for shipping?

No. Dissension Tree will only ship using their UPS account.

How lengthy does shipping typically take?

Orders come be ceded at local Dollar Tree shop take about 4-6 company days.

If you made decision your package come be yielded at your house or business address, UPS Ground shipment normally takes 4-5 company days ~ order processing. If you want a much faster delivery, you deserve to opt to select expedited shipping via UPS, but you’ll have to pay higher shipping fees. Emergency shipping typically takes 2-3 organization days ~ order processing.

How lot will the shipping fee be if I made decision to acquire my package delivered to mine address?

It will count on the size and also weight of your order and the number of boxes. Your deal with and the resolve of the Distribution center where her order will certainly be coming from will likewise be considered. Girlfriend will view the calculation of the shipping fee upon checkout.

My order has actually a managing fee. What is this for?

Some items have a managing fee, specifically assets ordered individually. This fees covers all the costs involving your order (processing, packing, and also shipping).

If girlfriend order item in complete cases, there will be no dealing with fees.

What must I do if ns get any delivery issues or problems?

You can fill the end Dollar Tree’s customer help form so they have the right to immediately address your concern.


If you space tax exempt you will desire to pay close fist to these details when you room shopping native Dollar Tree and ordering from their website.

Can mine tax-exempt business also shop in ~

Yes, friend can. For much more information around this concern, read this: how to location a taxation Exempt Order.

Return Policy

Don’t fear, if you need to return something to Dollar Tree you’ll constantly be able to make an exchange if something doesn’t arrive by her standards. Just because they don’t accept returns in the kind of return or credits doesn’t mean you can’t take it things earlier and exchange them!

What is disagreement Tree’s return policy?

Dollar Tree does not offer refunds or store credits. But as lengthy as the items you’ve purchased room unopened and still ~ above their initial packaging, the save will enable exchange (except for seasonal goods).

If you receive wrong or defective items, friend can call Dollar Tree’s customer order support facility at 1-877-530-8733. The hotline is obtainable 24/7 native Mondays come Fridays.

Will the details submitted online through be maintained private?

Yes. You deserve to read dollar Tree’s Privacy plan here.

Can I purchase Dollar Tree gift cards online?

Yes. Huge quantity gift cards are available at If you want to purchase gift cards online, you can go to Dollar Tree’s Gift Card page here.

I have actually an worry with mine gift card. What need to I do?

If you purchased your gift map online, call the disagreement Tree hotline at 1-877-530-8733.

How do I check my gift card balance?

You can inspect your gift card balance at the dollar store near you or call the number put at the back of her card.

Products Ratings and Reviews

Want to review your favorite products? just like come buy assets that you can inspect reviews for first? friend aren’t alone! inspect out these details on just how to find and also leave ratings and also reviews ~ above the dissension Tree website.

How carry out I send a product evaluation online?

You will require to create an account in ~ to make a product review. Search for the product you desire to review, click the “Write a review”, and then send it once you’re done.

How carry out I discover customer reviews because that the products I want to purchase?

You can use the product’s keyword, SKU number, or surname to find it at

Once you watch the details product you’re feather for, friend will have the ability to see its median rating with the stars assigned to it. If you click the “Read every Reviews,” you will be command to the bottom of the page where various other customer reviews room posted.

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If you prefer to conserve money…and chances are that you perform if you are reflecting Dollar Tree online, you could wonder about coupons. Below are every the details you’ll must know!

Does accept coupons?

As that the moment, dollar Tree does not accept coupons online.

Some well-known items to order virtual from dissension Tree:

Now the you know exactly how ordering online at dissension Tree works, below are several of the most renowned items in ~ that you shouldn’t miss.>

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