These are few of the commonly asked questions about colored concrete. If your inquiry isn’t answered here, please send your concern to us at info Us would also like come hear from every you home builders or operator who might have a much better answer than us!

Does concrete colored with Davis colors fade?

The color can’t fade, but the concrete can. The energetic ingredient in every Davis product is pure inorganic pigment i beg your pardon is make in a process of oxidizing metal, in essence, “fading” metal right into a colours powder. The resulting powder pigment concentrate is impossible to fade. That’s why it’s the same energetic ingredient in another permanent coloring application: tattoos. Concrete, at the same time does change with time and weather exposure. Also uncolored concrete which transforms yellow, erodes and darkens together it accumulation dirt, dust and grime native the environment. Left unprotected or dilute by a negative mix design or finishing job, the surface ar of concrete “dusts” and also erodes slowly until fine accumulation and sand particles are exposed. This same process occurs in fancy concrete. The equipment is to buy concrete indigenous a providers who provides mixes designed because that durability and also an installer with endure in finishing “architectural” concrete. Then store colored concrete new looking by protecting that with periodic applications the a good clear sealer.

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Where can I gain colored concrete?

If you’re a homeowner, the finest place to start is through the yellow pages or a local newspaper. Look because that Concrete contractors, Landscape building contractors or contact your local Ready-Mix concrete supplier and ask for the surname of a an excellent concrete contractor. If you’re an architect, just specify the Davis shade you desire in plan or specifications. In the future, girlfriend can discover suppliers and installers in our Concrete Mart here, in our web-site. It’s brand-new and we’re just beginning to post the names of installers and also suppliers.

The easiest means to find a shade supplier for concrete is to use our providers locator. To discover a standard contractor contact your neighborhood Ready-Mix concrete supplier and also ask for the surname of a great concrete contractor. If you’re an architect, just specify the Davis shade you want in her plans or specifications.

How much does color include to concrete cost?

Approximately 10 to 30% come the cost of the concrete itself. But it only adds a portion to the complete installed cost, because most fancy concrete is mixed and also finished in the same means as uncolored concrete. The answer relies on the color you choose and whether girlfriend take benefit of all the an intricate finishes and also textures the skilled contractors are capable of.

I was told to sometimes sprinkle water ~ above my new colored concrete. Is the OK?

NO. Sprinkling water on new concrete is a common means of curing uncolored concrete. The difficulty is it have the right to lighten or whiten the concrete and that looks bad on fancy concrete. If friend have difficult water, sprinkling that on the concrete can likewise cause a many efflorescence (white salt deposits) to type which also looks negative on fancy concrete. The best method to cure colored concrete is through an application of W-1000 Clear™ cure and also seal. Some home builders will try other carriers cure sealers. Part solvent-base sealers work-related well, yet most water-based sealers don’t work. Castle may likewise turn white or could yellow with sun exposure. Only the manufacturer of the sealer can say because that sure. If friend don’t desire to usage the W-1000 and the weather is mild, ambient temperature in the 60’s to 70’s and also humid, just leave the new concrete come cure without including anything.

Do I require to apply a sealer?

Not necessarily. Colored concrete will certainly get an excellent and hard just like normal concrete. However, every concrete benefits from gift sealed versus stains and also water damage. So also though it’s not necessary, sealing your colored concrete will make that look an excellent longer and will assist prevent dusting that the surface.

My new colored concrete is much darker 보다 your color card. Why is that?

Fresh concrete is constantly much darker than once it is fully cured and also dry. Also uncolored concrete. Wait at the very least 7 to 10 days till the brand-new concrete has actually hardened and dried. If the concrete is ~ above a wet subgrade or there’s secret water, it might stay dark because that as lengthy as it’s wet.

My fancy concrete has actually some areas where it’s much darker than other spots. Why?

If the concrete is new, that is less than 2 weeks old, it could still be drying. However, if some of the dark clues seem come be remaining dark when the rest of the concrete is dry out, you might have areas of “Entrapped Moisture”. Entrapped humidity is a condition that appears as random dark areas which have the right to be fully different in the shade from unaffected areas. It may also precisely follow areas that were “hard troweled” or where edging and also jointing devices were used. Remedy entrapped moisture by scrubbing the dark spots with a stubborn bristle brush and flushing through water. Repeat the procedure over a couple of days and also they need to lighten up. If your concrete is larger than 2 weeks, wet the dark spots v water, then to water on part white vinegar and scrub with the stubborn brush. Entrapped humidity takes a few treatments come disappear. Inspect out our Contractor’s guide to see exactly how to protect against entrapped humidity in the very first place.

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Can you guarantee the shade will complement the shade card?

Unfortunately, Not. The final color is a duty of the cement color, sand color, the quantity of water used as well as finishing methods. We just guarantee that our color additives will enhance our standard, the is, they will certainly be the same from batch-to-batch and year-to-year.