The accurate answer to, “How much does Church’s Chicken salary an hour?“ different according come the location of the fast-food restaurant you use for. This is due to the fact that 80% the these establishments are franchise owned and also owners obtain to collection their own beginning hourly salary rates.

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In this article, you’ll conveniently learn:The starting hourly payHourly pay and salaries for all jobsHow and also when Church’s Chicken employees are paidPay raisesEmployee work hrs including examples of shiftsBackground checksIf this company hires felonsThe break policyDress code

Church’s Chicken starting Pay

Church’s Chicken payment its employees average wages in ~ best, because that a fast-food restaurant.The starting Church’s Chicken hourly pay for entry-level employees is around $8.50. Most locations frequently pay $.25 to $.50 over the state minimum wage.Keep in mental every state in the united state has various federal minimum wages. So, the starting pay because that someone rental in Arizona would be about $12.40 one hour when in Tennessee, the starting hourly price would be around $7.75 one hour.

Church’s Chicken Team Member Pay

The typical hourly pay because that team members with experience at Church’s Chicken is approximately $9.35 an hour. This would be about $374 a week and also $19,448 in yearly salary.Team members always have opportunities to make part extra money functioning overtime for world who speak to out sick. The trick right here is to let management know that you room always easily accessible so lock can contact you at a moment’s notice and you can consistently earn much more money.

Church’s Chicken cook Pay

Cooks in ~ Church’s Chicken make roughly $9.56 one hour which is only slightly higher than a team member’s pay. This indicates the turnover rate is very high because that this position since normally, cooks have tendency to earn at least 1 come 2 dollars much more than the average team member at any kind of fast food restaurant.The hourly rate quantities to $382 a week and a yearly salary of $19,884.

Church’s Chicken transition Leader Pay

Shift leader earn roughly $11.12 an hour. This equals around $444 a week and also $23,129 a year. This place lends chin to a the majority of overtime at particular locations because of oftentimes having to assume the duties of assistant managers.

Church’s Chicken Assistant Manager Salary

Church’s Chicken assistant supervisors earn an median of $34,200 a year. This is an median salary because that this position and with hard work, you have the right to get advocated to a general manager place in a fairly short amount of time.

Church’s Chicken Manager Salary

The average basic manager in ~ this fast-food chain makes around $43,275 a year. Some locations offer their managers a cash bonus of approximately $1,000 to $3,000 every year.

Does Church’s Chicken salary weekly?

While several of these establishments including those that room company-owned pay your employees biweekly, part franchise-owned restaurants still pay their employees every week.

When carry out employees obtain paid?

Employees report various paydays for this company. Some locations pay your employees either weekly or biweekly on a Monday or Tuesday after ~ the previous one or two-week pay duration ends.Other workers say they gain paid every Friday ~ above the week after the vault pay period ends.

Does Church’s Chicken host your very first paycheck?

No, they do not. It is illegal for any company to organize your an initial paycheck. What happens is most world confuse what constitutes a pay period and once employees actually gain paid after the pay duration ends.To make it simple, imagine you obtain hired and the current firm pay period is from March 1 v March 14, and the payday is march 21st. You start working on march 7 and also you occupational 5 work in a row as much as March 12.You will get paid because that the 5 job you operated within the last pay duration on in march 21st, which is 14 job after friend started.

How often does this firm give raises?

Pay raises room inconsistent in ~ this company. Part employees to speak they were given a 2-3% raise ~ 6 months and some said it didn’t take place until ~ one year of full time work.Others say they never gained a pay raise because that a couple of years uneven they were supported to a greater position.The most crucial thing to always keep in mind below is the you have actually to connect with your management staff. If you a hardworking, reputable worker that deserves a raise and also you don’t communicate that to her managers, girlfriend are likely passing increase on the possibility to earn greater pay and/or acquire promoted.

Church’s Chicken work-related Hours

Many people complain around not getting sufficient work hrs at fast-food restaurants. The method to get over this is to continue to be in continuous communication through your prompt supervisor. Let that or her recognize that you’re easily accessible to work and would appreciate any extra hrs assigned.

Full-time Hours

Full-time workers at Church’s Chicken get anywhere in between 32 to 40 hrs of work-related every week. Rather a couple of employees report they are asked to work-related overtime and also they finish up working about 45 come 50 hours a week.

Part-time Hours

Part-time employees at this fast-food chain report they job-related anywhere in between 20 to 38 hours a week, ~ above average. This is unusual and also indicates the require for dependable employees to cover for other workers who regularly contact out sick.

Church’s Chicken change Hours

Here space some examples of move you may work in ~ this fast-food establishment:8:30 to be to 4:30 PM9 to be to 5 PM9 to be to 2 PM3 pm to 11 PM3 afternoon to 8 PM4 afternoon to midnight

Does Church’s Chicken conduct background checks?

People who use for one entry-level job normally don’t have to worry about background checks. However, if she going after ~ a monitoring position, you will perhaps be based on a lift check.Many who method they had to go v a background check say the firm will go together far back as 5 year on her record.

Does Church’s Chicken rental felons?

Yes, this firm will hire people with a felony past. However, this all counts on whether you apply at a company-owned or franchisee-owned location. Franchisees have their techniques of hiring personnel and while some will certainly hire felons, some might not.

Break Policy

Some employees who have worked at this firm say there space absolutely no breaks during your shift. Rather say friend can obtain an occasional 10 come 15-minute break as lengthy as you job-related it out v your manager.

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Dress Code

Company-owned locations will concern you a polo shirt with the firm logo ~ above it. Some franchise owners execute the same, but others need you to salary for her uniform.The uniform consists of a polo shirt, black pants, a name tag, visor, and black nonskid shoes. Shirts need to be tucked into your pants while you room on duty.Men are allowed to undertake beards as lengthy as they are neatly trimmed. Employees room generally permitted to stay earrings any tattoos as long as they room not offensive.Featured photo courtesy that Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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