"Playground Ball," 1907
The history of baseball in Chicago is usually associated with the two significant league groups that speak to the city home—theCubsand theWhite Sox. Yet Chicago's baseball history actually encompasses countless different levels of the diamond sport.

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The more quickly recorded video game in the Chicago area to be played in respectable 1851 in between amateur groups fromJolietandLockport. The Union Baseball society was arranged in Chicago in 1856; city newspapers first reported ~ above its respectable 1858 game against the Excelsiors. Baseball knowledgeable a rapid expansion in popularity in Chicago ~ theCivil War. By 1867 there to be 45 amateur teams contending in the city. By 1870 thenewspapersof Chicago to be reporting the results of gamings played between amateur teams, firm teams, and youth teams.

Baseball in Seward Park, 1909
Encouraged through the farming attendance in ~ games in between the top-flight amateur teams, the city's eight the strongest clubs made decision to sign up with together in arranging the Chicago City league in 1887. V the players sharing in the proceeds indigenous the door receipts collected at the enclosed ballparks, these groups moved right into the ranks of be crazy baseball. The Chicago City league reached the nineteenth-century peak in popular in 1890, but the circuit was disbanded ~ the 1895 season when the far better teams choose to pat the financially an ext attractive schedule of an independent.

Semiprofessional baseball in Chicago and also surrounding suburban locations continued to thrive from 1900 to 1910, both in as whole quality that play and fan attendance at the city's dozen fastened ballparks. Throughout this duration Chicago's legendary semipro teams—the Logan Squares, the Gunthers, and the West Ends—were every organized. Comparable expansion also continued in the ranks of Chicago amateur baseball and also in the industrial leagues. In the work beforesoftballbecame a famous recreational sport, amateur baseball fulfilled that duty in Chicago. The city's newspapers carried reports of gamings in a wide selection of leagues sponsored by institutions such as churches, corporations, fraternal orders, banks,hardwaredealers, and also jewelers.

The Chicago City league returned to operation in 1909 with six teams, at least three of which were defined as “professional” clubs, consisting of theAfrican AmericanLeland Giants, one of countless teams to arise as a an outcome of baseball's gyeongju segregation. Chicago asserted a distinct place in baseball background on the night of august 27, 1910, together theLogan SquaresandRogers Parkplayed the sport's first successful night game under man-made lights atComiskey Park.

Rube Foster, 1909
After 1911, the as whole quality the Chicago's semipro teams began to decline. The height clubs returned to playing together independents and also the City organization was no longer the significant attraction it had actually once been. DuringWorld war I, the Chicago area was residence to the team fielded through theGreat Lakes naval Station. Featuring seven former major league football player in its lineup, good Lakes won the 1918 navy Championships. In the 1920s, Chicago baseball fans increasingly turned their attention to theCubs,White Sox, and also theAmerican Giantsof the nationwide Negro League. The variety of semiprofessional groups in the city decreased substantially, and also through the next two years Chicago's remaining clubs play in a circuit generally called the “Midwest League.” due to the fact that the 1950s, semipro baseball in the Chicago area has been primarily made up of groups playing together independents.

In 1871,Northwestern Universityplayed its first baseball game versus non-Northwestern competition. TheUniversity the Chicagowon or common four large Ten Conference championships prior to it left the league in 1947. The Maroon baseball teams also took number of exhibition tourism to Japan, the first in 1910.

The very first interscholastic baseball game in Chicago was played in October 1868 between two personal prep schools, Chicago Academy and Beleke Academy. In 1890 7 public highschoolsorganized the chef County league amidst the rapidly spreading popularity of baseball among the city's an additional schools. The Chicago Public league came right into existence in 1914; Crane High college won the league's very first baseball championship.

Mayor Thompson in ~ Weeghman, 1915
From 1920 to 1926, the Chicago Public organization high-school champion played the brand-new York City champion in a series of intercity championship games, winning 3 of 7 games. The Illinois High institution Association organized its very first annual state baseball tournament in 1940.CiceroMorton in 1943 and also Chicago Lane tech in 1945 to be the first Chicago-area institutions to success the state championship. The American Legion sponsored youth baseball leagues beginning in the 1920s. FollowingWorld battle II, tiny League baseball spread out throughout Chicago and also its suburbs, bringing countless boys—and ultimately girls—onto the baseball diamond.

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By the last years of the twenty century, minor league baseball had likewise come to Chicago. Going right into the 2002 season, the city area was home to theCook CountyCheetahs (playing inCrestwood), theKane CountyCougars (inGeneva), theSchaumburgFlyers, and theGaryRailcats.