I"m trying to save battery yet I require my alarm in the morning. Will it still go off if on plane mode?

p.s. I have actually an HTC Inspire.

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Yes. Aircraft mode (flight mode) just disables your phone"s signal transmitting functions, not the attributes that don"t need a signal come function.

Your alarm will certainly still work.


Jasir says. Her alarm will still work-related in aircraft mode.

Be careful as over there is another setting on her phone.

Clock > Alarms > food selection > settings > "Alarm in quiet mode"

You will need this ticked if you put your phone in silent (saving much more battery) and also still want the alarm to go off!


Do a quick, basic test on her phone (that"s what ns did):

Put her phone on aircraft mode, then collection an alarm for 1 (one) minute right into the future. If done correctly, her alarm need to sound off within 1 minute. Then you understand it works!


Alarm clock requires no net connection.

So yes, alarm is still on with airplane/flight mode enabled

Actually her phone time requirements to occasionally access the network"s time server to continue to be synced and also that might influence your alarm. I didnt wake up up today because i set an alarm for 3 hrs, set airplane mode, and also it never ever rang, but i can"t really prove this now.

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