There"s one thing most people know about timing belts: the they"re no something come mess approximately with, because a damaged timing belt way bad news. Past this, these parts remain a an enig for many. Why perform timing belts should be changed? does your auto have a timing belt in ~ all? We"ll give you much more information on transforming your timing belt below.

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5. Does mine Toyota have a time Belt?

Before you begin looking at replacing her timing belt, it"s ideal to check and see if your auto has a timing belt at all! Many contemporary vehicles are rather equipped through timing chains. Though heavier 보다 belts, time chains are more durable and also last much longer. Recent Toyota models prefer the 2020 Corolla, the 2020 RAV4, and also even the 2020 Toyota Yaris are all equipped v a time chain rather than a time belt. However, enlarge Toyota models might still it is in equipped through timing belts. To view whether yours has actually a timing belt, it might be useful to examine your owner"s manual. The technicians at an authorized dealership like ours will also be able to help.


4. When must I have actually My time Belt Changed?

The most basic answer is: whenever the owner"s manual tells you to have it done. Timing belts will certainly wear under over time. Unfortunately, lock don"t typically give very noticeable symptoms prior to they break. Replacing the timing belt on schedule will considerably reduce the possibility of a broken timing belt, and all the damages it have the right to cause.

3. What happens If i Don"t have the time Belt Changed?

Of course, if girlfriend decide not to gain your timing belt changed, your car will still work . . . Till it suddenly doesn"t. Part Toyota engines space freewheeling, which means that the piston and also the valves never ever occupy the same room in the cylinders. If a time belt breaks in a freewheeling engine, the engine will merely stop running. Yet other Toyota engines are interference engines. This method that the pistons, when fully extended, occupy the same ar in the cylinders as the valves do once they"re open. The time belt coordinates the movement of these two via the crankshaft and also camshaft (or camshafts). If the timing is no much longer controlled, a piston may hit an open valve, causing substantial engine damages that may be irreparable.

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2. Why Is a time Belt readjust Such an expensive Service?

The time belt itself isn"t an high value part. The time and also labor room what make it so expensive. To obtain to the timing belt, the engine demands to be disassembled. Doing for this reason takes far-reaching time and also effort. In addition, replacing the timing belt involves setup the timing and also putting the engine earlier together.

1. What Else need to Timing Belt company Include?

When you have the timing belt replaced at a reputable service center, the company should also include a few other things. The tensioner and idler rollers should also be replaced. The technician will also inspect the crankshaft seal and also the camshaft seal, instead of them if necessary. It"s additionally common because that this business to incorporate replacing the water pump, as well. Though this isn"t regarded engine timing, the water pump is exposed throughout a timing belt replacement, so instead of it then conserves you money later.